Dax Shepard’s Net Worth Is Way Less Than Kristen Bell’s and He’s Okay With It

Listen, when your wife is comedic actress, mom-extraordinaire, and goddess-among-mere-mortals Kristen Bell, there are sometimes ways you don’t measure up. Though hubby Dax Shepard has had plenty of success as a comedic actor, he is not as instantly recognizable as Bell. Bell became a household name for her roles like Eleanor on The Good Place, the title role on Veronica Mars, and Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell smiling at a camera on the red carpet
Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell | Trae Patton/Getty Images

Shepard himself is known for his roles in films like Idiocracy, and Without A Paddle, and television shows like Parenthood. Does he ever worry about not measuring up to Bell, especially when it comes to the question of net worth? 

Dax Shepard is cool with his net worth being way less than wife Kristen Bell’s

Shepard is totally cool with his wife bringing in a heck of a lot more money than he does. In fact, he’s probably just glad his family is so secure, as he has talked openly on his podcast Armchair Expert about the difficulty of growing up poor.

Bell has also talked about how important the couple finds it to raise empowered daughters. Shepard probably thinks it’s wonderful for his daughters to see their mom kicking butt and taking names in her career.

The couple has been together since 2007, after an initial meeting without romantic sparks led to real-deal flirting a few weeks later. Shepard proposed in 2009; but they waited to get married in recognition of the lack of marriage equality for same-sex couples. They didn’t get married officially until 2013 after Prop 8 had been overturned in California.

They now have two daughters, Lincoln and Delta. One of the many reasons Shepard is probably fine with earning less than his wife is the fact that her income helps provide for their family and gives the girls something to aspire to. 

Dax Shepard has had a lot of fulfilling success with his podcast lately

Even though he’s not as well-known as Bell, Shepard is still arguably crushing it on the career front. His podcast, Armchair Expert, which he co-hosts with writer and actress Monica Padman, has recently received plenty of success and continues to get more popular over time.

The Los Angeles Times called the podcast “wholly unique” because of Shepard’s spin on the podcast format, popularized by trailblazers like Marc Maron and Howard Stern. In fact, it’s likely viewed as his most successful project to date. This is impressive considering his acting career, which roles on shows like Parenthood, The Ranch, and Robot Chicken

So what exactly is his net worth and how does it compare to Kristen Bell’s?

Shepard’s net worth is estimated to be about $12 million dollars, which is not bad at all! His money mostly comes from acting roles, which started when he appeared on the prank show Punk’d back in 2002. However, Bell definitely does have him beat on the money front with her estimated net worth being about $20 million dollars — yowza! It’s clear that keeping busy (and voice-acting in Disney classics like Frozen and Frozen II) has its financial perks!

The celebrity couple has a combined net worth of about $32 million dollars, which allows Shepard to set aside his anxieties about his children growing up as poor, as he did. Given that the two recently launched Hello Bello, a line of plant-based baby products, one can expect their combined net worth to grow accordingly.