‘Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem’: Is Kristian Alfonso Leaving? It’s Not Looking Good for Hope

Kristian Alfonso’s return as Hope Brady for Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem has been buzzworthy. The actor portrayed the beloved heroine for 37 years before leaving Days of Our Lives in October 2020. However, Alfonso couldn’t resist reprising her role for the soap opera’s spinoff. But the recent episode has Alfonso and Hope’s fate in question.

'Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem' star Kristian Alfonso returned as Hope Brady.
Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem stars Kristian Alfonso and Victoria Konefal I Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock via Getty Images

Hope Brady’s wedding ends in tragedy on ‘Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem’

Season 2 of Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem premiered on July 11, and already it’s starting with a bang. Hope’s week starts great with Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) and Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) visiting with their son, baby Bo. Later Hope and Ciara have an emotional moment when Ciara asks about her mother’s absence. Hope says she’s busy with her new job as a figure skating coach, but later viewers learn Hope’s working on a secret ISA mission.

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That’s not the only surprise Hope has for everyone. Ciara is introduced to her mom’s new beau Harris Michaels (Steve Burton), and learns they’re engaged. In the July 13 episode, Hope and Harris’ wedding begins, and as reported by Soaps.com, the ceremony ends in tragedy.

Harris secretly works with Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson), who wants the treasured prism. As part of their plan, Harris is to marry Hope, then kill her. However, the con man has second thoughts, leaving Megan to resort to plan B. After the couple says “I do,” Megan’s hit man Thomas Banks (Eileen Davidson) shoots Hope.

Is Hope Brady really dead?

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem fans must wait until the next episode to discover Hope’s fate. But after the July 13 episode, things looked bleak for the adored heroine. After the smoke cleared, Ben checked on his mother-in-law. When Ciara asked about her mother’s condition, Ben told his wife Hope was dead.

Like Ciara, fans are stunned by the news and believe this might be the end for Hope. However, they shouldn’t be grieving just yet. As with many soap operas, dead characters always make miraculous recoveries. Hope’s been presumed dead many times, including a 1990 cave explosion.

So could Hope receive another miracle that brings her back to her loved ones?

Bo Brady saves his Fancy Face on ‘Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem’

Things are looking gloomy for Hope, but help is on the way in Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. Hope’s late husband, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), has been watching her from heaven. Realizing Hope’s in danger, Bo sought permission from Angela (Loretta Devine) to return to Earth to rescue his wife. However, Bo was too late, and Hope’s life is hanging in the balance.

As Hope lingers between life and death, she’ll have a reunion with Bo. The couple’s iconic love story ended in November 2015 when Bo died, and although Hope’s been with other men, Bo will always be her true love. It’ll be a tear-jerking moment when Hope sees Bo, and while she wants to stay with him, Bo won’t let her.

Hope is needed on Earth; she needs to be there for Ciara, Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer), and their grandkids. Although it’ll be difficult to say goodbye to his Fancy Face, Bo keeps a watchful eye on Hope. Whenever Hope’s in trouble, she can rest assured she has her special guardian angel looking after her.

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