Which ‘Days of Our Lives’ Cast Members had an Affair?

Days of Our Lives is currently pre-empted due to the Olympics. But its cast members, past and present, continue to dominate the headlines. And this past cast member — who is now a “Real Housewife” — just spilled the beans on her affair back when she was on the show.

Days of our Lives cast
Robert Kelker-Kelly as Bo Brady and Lisa Rinna as Billie Reed on ‘Days of Our Lives’ | Joseph Del Valle/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Lisa Rinna had an affair while she was on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Although Lisa Rinna is now on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there was a time when she was a Days of Our Lives cast member. Back then, she played Billie Reed. Her character carried on a torrid affair with Bo Brady.

But Rinna recently admitted that she had an affair while she was on set. And, as she told People, it was with another Days of Our Lives cast member. For the record, she doesn’t consider it to be a proper affair.

“Well, not an affair, but a couple of one-night stands with the guy who [played] my brother. [We] had like, a thing,” she said.

Patrick Muldoon played her brother

Patrick Muldoon was best known for being a Days of Our Lives cast member. He played Austin Reed, Billie Reed’s brother.

According to Fox News, Muldoon also appeared with Rinna on the hit show, Melrose Place.

The last time Days fans saw Austin Reed was in 2017. At that time, he helped Carrie get her mother, Anna DiMera, out of prison.

He hasn’t commented on the matter

Muldoon hasn’t commented on Rinna’s proclamation. Most people didn’t know that the two Days of Our Lives cast members had an affair.

But Rinna made clear that their “couple of one-night stands” happened before she met her husband, Harry Hamlin.


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Rinna, who met Hamlin through a mutual friend, married the actor in 1997. Together, they share two daughters: Amelia, 20, and Delilah, 23.