‘Days of Our Lives’: Diedre Hall Claims 1 of Marlena’s Craziest Storyline’s Actually Involved Something Very ‘Real’

For more than 40 years, Deidre Hall has starred as Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives. During that time, the character has been part of some of the most outrageous storylines in soap opera history.

But the most infamous, by far, was the supernatural possession storyline from the mid 1990s. And according to Hall, it involved “real levitation.”

Days of Our Lives Diedre Hall
‘Days of Our Lives’ star Diedre Hall | Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Deidre Hall still loves going to work on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Hall told Buzzfeed in 2017 that she still enjoys going to work after more than four decades on the job. The actress says the best part is being in a creative process with generous and talented people.

“They up my game every day. Plus they’re fun, they’re funny, and we get to know each other outside the set a little bit,” Hall revealed. “I flew to Vegas to see Eric Martsolf’s (Brady Black) show when he was in Vegas. He is a spectacular entertainer. And ever since then I just call him “Hey, Vegas!”

Hall says she’s developed many “sweet little friendships” with her various Days of Our Lives co-stars during her years on the show. And she says that she grows more proud and adoring of certain people the longer she knows them.

What is Hall’s favorite John and Marlena moment?

Marlena has had a few romances over the years, but none have come close to her relationship with John Black (Drake Hogestyn). The popular pair have been an item since 1986 when she thought he was her ex-husband, Roman Brady.

When it comes to her favorite John and Marlena moment, Hall says it’s their moments on location because it’s such an intense process. She explained that when they are in Mexico or doing a beach scene in Malibu, the focus is intensified.

“It’s a heightened way to work and I love being on location. I love being out in the air — [it’s] especially fun to have fans standing around getting to see how that process works,” Hall said.

Marlena Evans and Stefano Dimura were not real-life friends

Marlena’s relationship with John has always been popular with fans. But her rivalry with the evil Stefano Dimura (Joseph Mascolo) was stuff of soap opera legend. Hall says that when Mascolo was still alive (he died in 2016), they didn’t have a personal relationship off-camera.

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Even though they worked together for many years, Hall says they weren’t friends. But, she did know his wife Pat “fairly well.”

“He was … old-school, larger than life off and on camera. And he was a force,” Hall revealed.

Deidra Hall says there is 1 ‘Days of Our Lives’ storyline that will be on her tombstone

Hall has been part of some whacky storylines over the years, but nothing is talked about more than Marlena’s infamous possession. Then-head writer Jim Reilly wrote that storyline, and Hall remembers when they called her in to explain how it would all work. She says they told her that “all this crazy stuff that’s happening in Salem” is because of Marlena. Hall admits that this surprised her at first, but she later found the idea “thrilling.”

Her only stipulation for the Days of Our Lives storyline was that it would be “done well.” She explained that she didn’t want it to be “hokey or silly or unbelievable.” And, she believes they delivered. Hall also noted that “the levitation was real, by the way.”

“I signed a contract not to tell you. But it was a real stunt, it’s a magic stunt and they cleared the stage. The people that had to build the parts to it had to come in and they had to bring in a whole…it was an incredible investment to make that moment work,” Hall explained. “I mean, it was such a moment. And as the choir builds to a crescendo, BOOM, she’s off the bed and people went out of their minds.”

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.