‘Days of Our Lives’ Director Scott McKinsey Asks Fans for a Favor: Sign up for Peacock for ‘at Least a Month’

Days of Our Lives is preparing to move to its new home on Peacock. The soap opera is saying goodbye to NBC, its home for the past 57 seasons. As the days wind down until its move, the crew hopes fans will follow them to the streaming service.

The 'Days of Our Lives' cast and crew hope fans will follow them to their new home on Peacock.
Days of Our Lives cast I Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

‘Days of Our Lives’ director Scott McKinsey urges fans to sign up for Peacock

Days of Our Lives fans were surprised by the move from NBC to Peacock. After five decades on the air, it’s the end of an era for the soap opera. Yet, with the changing of the times, the show is getting a fresh start thanks to streaming services.

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Days of Our Lives is set to make its official move on September 12th. The switch will either hurt or help the struggling series. Many of the crew are already trying to garner interest in Peacock. According to The Wrap, director Scott McKinsey is urging longtime fans to sign up for the streaming platform.

In a Facebook post, McKinsey asked fans to “Please consider signing on to Peacock for at least a month, near the date of September 12th, to demonstrate your interest in following ‘Days’ to its new platform. This will help solidify ‘DOOL’s’ chances of remaining viable with Peacock.”

Fans have mixed reactions to the move to Peacock

Days of Our Lives moving to Peacock signals a massive change in daytime TV. With many shows available for streaming, it’s no surprise the soap opera wants to get on the action. While executives hope this will be a good move in attracting more viewers, longtime fans have mixed reactions. Fans discussed their opinions on the soap opera’s move on a Reddit thread.

“Yeah, I’m not paying for another streaming service,” declared one fan.

“The only thing that sucks about this is the older people who don’t use the Internet; what’s gonna happen to them? They’ve been watching from the beginning, and now they won’t be able to watch if they don’t have a smart device,” another commenter chimed in.

“To me, my worry isn’t about paying for Peacock. It’s more about what I suspect will be an even smaller budget, the loss of legacy characters and Days slowly fading away,” wrote one viewer.

However, some fans are willing to subscribe, especially since Peacock will reportedly have 14,000 classic episodes of the soap opera. “Wait…so I can watch Days from the 90s and 00s? If so, hell yeah!” exclaimed one viewer.

“If this is true & only if this is true, I would be tempted to subscribe. First thing I want to rewatch is when EJ entered the scene; getting to watch Ejami from infancy again would be a dream,” wrote one user.

‘Days of Our Lives’ might be in danger of cancellation

In the past 15 years, many soap operas have been canceled, including Guiding Light and All My Children. Of the remaining soap operas, Days of Our Lives is the one that struggled the most. It never got the same attention as General Hospital but had its loyal fans.

The NBC soap opera has been plagued by cancellation rumors for the past two decades. The move from NBC to Peacock has fans worried about the show’s fate. While moving to Peacock might spell doomsday, it could also help the floundering soap opera. If longtime fans subscribe and new viewers start watching, it’ll spark renewed interest.

The show is in its 57th season and is renewed until Season 58. The switch to Peacock will have a massive impact on whether the soap opera makes it to Season 59.

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