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Days of Our Lives fans, listen up: The Young and the Restless fans think they have the real “Chabby” ship. The CBS soap has a burgeoning couple in Chance and Abby, and the Powers That Be thinks that they’re the real “Chabby.” The problem is, of course, that “Chabby” has been the nickname for the super-couple on the NBC soap for quite some time. So, who’s right? Who’s the real “Chabby”?

Days of Our Lives super-couple "Chabby" - Chad DiMera, in a grey suit, and Abby Deveraux, in a black dress
‘Days of Our Lives’ | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Who are ‘Chabby’ on ‘Days of Our Lives’?

On Days of Our Lives, “Chabby” refers to the super-couple of Chad DiMera and Abigail Deveraux DiMera. Abigail is the product of a very popular Days super-couple, Jack and Jennifer Deveraux. Abigail — who is best known as her nickname “Abby” — is also a member of the Horton family.

Chad DiMera, meanwhile, is the product of Stefano DiMera — considered one of the greatest soap opera villains in history — and one of his mistresses, Madeline Peterson-Woods.

This pair — who are currently being played by Marci Miller and Billy Flynn, respectively — have been together since 2011. They first met at the Java Café, and it was love and first sight. And despite their ups and downs — a quickie wedding, an even quicker divorce, affairs and lies and videotape — the couple are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Who are ‘Chabby’ on ‘The Young and the Restless’?

Unlike Chabby on Days of Our Lives, “Chabby” on The Young and the Restless are a completely different couple. “Chabby,” in that case, consists of Chance Chancellor (who is played by Conner Floyd) and his wife, Abby Newman (who is played by Melissa Ordway).

The beef between the fandoms started when the Powers That Be over at The Young and the Restless took to Twitter to deliver the following message.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Days of Our Lives fans to leap into action.

‘Days’ fans weren’t having it

Days of Our Lives fans felt very strongly that their Chabby was the superior Chabby. After all, they’ve known Chabby since 2011.

“This is #Chabby. Chad and Abigail DiMera from Days Of Our Lives. Our Chabby is the best,” wrote one fan, who also included a picture of Flynn and Miller. “How embarrassing. To think you guys were really going to get interaction for this ship. And instead, the majority of the comments are for the #Chabby that has had that name for YEARS,” wrote another fan. “This is the only #Chabby from @nbcdays Get your own name and stop trying to make your couple popular off of the back of ours,” wrote yet another fan.

Even Billy Flynn — yes, the Billy Flynn — weighed in on the debate with a tweet of his own. And you can easily guess which of the “ships” he supports.


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It’s pretty clear to all involved that the one and only “Chabby” is the one that’s on Days of Our Lives. But, perhaps The Young and the Restless could come up with another name for their super-couple.