‘Days of Our Lives’: Fans Are on Belle’s Side in the Jan Situation

Days of Our Lives character Belle Black (Martha Madison) is one of the show’s heroines. Viewers have watched the drama in Belle’s life ever since she was an infant. Belle’s grown into a mature woman with a family; however, her home life will be disrupted again.

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Belle Black and Shawn Brady are having marital problems because of Jan Spears

Belle and her husband, Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer), are a super couple on Days of Our Lives. From the moment they fell in love as teens to marrying and having a child, fans have followed every step of their relationship. Like many of Salem’s couples, Belle and Shawn’s relationship has its ups and downs.

The couple has more marital problems thanks to their old enemy Jan Spears (Heather Lindell). Jan is Belle’s rival, and their feud began in high school when Jan tried to steal Shawn from her. Jan’s plot didn’t work; however, that didn’t stop the vixen from returning to cause trouble for the pair.

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In December 2021, Jan’s plot took a sinister turn. With the Devil’s help, Jan transformed herself into Belle and lured Shawn into bed. Belle walked in on Shawn and Jan, but her husband assured her nothing had happened. However, Belle learned that was a lie.

‘Days of Our Lives’ fans side with Belle Black after Shawn Brady’s latest stunt

Three weeks ago, Belle had the biggest bombshell dropped on her on Days of Our Lives. A visit to Statesville prison had Belle coming face-to-face with her former rival. Jan revealed she’s pregnant, and Shawn’s the dad.

An angry Belle later confronted Shawn, who confessed he lied about what happened with Jan. While Belle is upset, she’s willing to work on her marriage. However, that all changes with Shawn’s next move.

Belle’s fury increases when she learns Shawn got Jan released from prison and moved her into their home. While fans remained neutral regarding Jan’s pregnancy, they’ve now switched to Team Belle. On a Twitter thread, fans voiced their support for Belle.

“First, I was more on Shawn’s side, but I have changed my mind #TeamBelle all the way,” wrote one viewer.

“Jan is out. What has Shawn done? The journey is going to be a tough one, a heartbreaking one, but #Shelle always find their way back to each other,” another commenter chimed in.

Will Jan Spears succeed in breaking up the couple?

Jan moving in with Belle and Shawn spells trouble for the Days of Our Lives couple. Belle and Shawn’s marriage is already on thin ice, and Jan’s presence will create further tension. Shawn thinks he’s doing the right thing for Jan and their baby; however, his actions will cost him his wife.

Belle confided in EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) about her marital problems. Fans know Belle and EJ’s closeness means a romance is brewing. With Shawn focused on Jan and the baby, a lonely Belle continues to seek comfort from EJ.

Jan will use this to her advantage by putting doubts in Shawn’s head. If things work in her favor, she may become a permanent house guest in Shawn’s home.

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