‘Days of our Lives’ Fans Want to Know: How Can Orpheus Get Into So Many People’s Homes?

As one of the longest-running series, Days of our Lives has had quite a few storylines complete with memorable characters. Over 55 seasons, the soap opera has seen its fair share of protagonists and antagonists. Though many have come and gone, some characters reappear time and time again. One such character is the villain Orpheus with his uncanny ability to get into people’s homes.

Days of Our Lives cast and crew
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How has Days of our Lives withstood the test of time

Fans grew concerned that their favorite show was not returning for a 56th season after several actors did not have their contracts renewed. Luckily the rumors proved to be false, and the new season began filming in January, leaving fans to breathe a sigh of relief. Why exactly has Days survived while many other daytime soap operas have left the air?

Days of our Lives takes place in the fictional town of Salem. Unlike other soap operas, it focuses on middle-class townspeople. The daytime drama focuses on the Midwestern families of the Bradys, the Hortons, and the DiMeras as they navigate drama and everyday life. Along with typical storylines such as love triangles, deception, and secrets, Days sets itself apart for including relevant, modern, and sometimes taboo storylines. Viewers in over 25 countries stay dedicated to the beloved drama.

Who is Orpheus?

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Obviously, over the years, Days of our Lives has introduced numerous characters. Some are good, most are flawed, and some are simply villains. One of the most infamous villains on Days is Orpheus, according to Soaps in Depth. Viewers met Orpheus in October 1986. Although he left the show only six months later, he made his return in 2016. Again he left after a couple of months before returning to Salem in 2020. 

Like many villains, Orpheus’s antagonistic nature grew from anger. During his initial introduction to the citizens of Salem, Orpheus took part in kidnappings and murder plot lines, which led him to seemingly die after being shot by John Black. Of course, in true daytime drama fashion, Orpheus was not truly dead, and when he resurfaced over a decade later, he bubbled over with rage. His storyline continued full of kidnappings and attempted murders before he seemingly died once again. Luckily for Orpheus, he seemed to be a villain adept at cheating death and emerged back in 2020. This time it was his son, Evan, who had committed the kidnapping, but of course, Orpheus was behind it. Evan, it turns out, had a secret, and his father was blackmailing him into doing his bidding. 

How can Orpheus get into so many people’s homes?

Kidnapping is the common theme of Orpheus’s villainy. He has successfully kidnapped so many people at this point that fans can’t help but be bewildered. How exactly does Orpheus get into all of these homes? The answer is at the core of why fans consider him to be one of the most dangerous villains Days has ever seen. He is smart, cunning, intelligent, and patient. As a former ISA agent, Orpheus had professional knowledge of how to gain entry before his days of crime. His patience is also key to success. He took the time to watch the daily habits of Salem’s citizens. The knowledge he gained from watching their coming and goings is pivotal in his successful kidnappings. 

We don’t know what is in store next for the villain Orpheus, but we do know that even if it appears he is dead, looks can be deceiving. His extremely high pain tolerance allows him to overcome point-blank gunshots. His genius-level intellect enables him to fake his death seamlessly. When everyone thinks he is dead, he has the space to learn their weak spots once more. Who knows which home or hotel room he will break into next.