‘Days of Our Lives’: Jan’s Pregnancy Strains Belle and Shawn’s Marriage

Days of Our Lives characters Belle Black (Martha Madison) and Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) are a super couple. Viewers have watched their love story, which began when they were teenagers. Belle and Shawn went through many obstacles as they grew up and married. Now, their marriage is in more trouble thanks to a big secret.

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Jan Spears returns to create more trouble for Belle Black and Shawn Brady on ‘Days of Our Lives’

One of Belle and Shawn’s biggest problems on Days of Our Lives is Jan Spears  (Heather Lindell). Jan is a former classmate of the couple and has been a thorn in their sides since their high school days. Jan’s crimes against them include accusing Belle of causing her to miscarry, kidnapping Shawn, and framing Belle for Charlie Dale’s (Mike C. Manning) murder.

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Jan popped in and out of Salem in recent years. In December 2021, Jan was persuaded by MarDevil (Deidre Hall) to help create chaos. One of Jan’s mischievous deeds was disguising herself as Belle and getting into bed with Shawn. After Belle walked in on Shawn and Jan in bed, her husband assured her nothing had happened.

However, Belle will be surprised when a visit to Statesville prison reveals Shawn’s secret.

Belle Black learns her husband is the father of Jan Spears’ baby

Things have been going smoothly in Belle and Shawn’s marriage, but that’s about to change following her visit to Statesville. Belle runs into Jan, who is currently serving time for her past crimes. Jan is pregnant and needs Belle’s help in getting released. But that’s not the only shocker Jan has for her nemesis.

When Belle asks about the baby’s father, Jan gleefully tells her it’s Shawn. Belle doesn’t want to believe it, but Jan insists it’s true. Although Belle wants to trust her husband, Jan’s revelation rattles her, and she heads home to confront her husband.

Shawn Brady’s confession ends his marriage

An upset Belle doesn’t waste time confronting Shawn when she comes home. She fills him in on her visit with Jan, who claims he’s the father of her baby. Realizing his secret is out, Shawn will be left with no other choice. A remorseful Shawn tells Belle he lied to her, leaving her heartbroken.

The aftermath of the revelation will be emotional. Shawn is sorry for betraying Belle and will do anything to make it up to her. Yet, the thought of Jan carrying his child and being part of their lives forever is overwhelming for Belle. Although Belle loves Shawn, his cheating and lying may be the final straw for her.

An angry Shawn is determined not to give up on his marriage. He immediately heads to Statesville to confront Jan and find out her motive behind this. While Shawn is hopeful he can smooth things over with Belle, it may be too late.

According to Soaps.com, Belle leans on EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) during her time of need. With Belle confiding in EJ, it may mean the end of Shelle and hello to EJelle.

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