‘Days of Our Lives’: Nancy Not Ready to Give up on Craig

Days of Our Lives couple Nancy and Craig Wesley (Patrika Darbo and Kevin Spirtas) are one of the show’s famous duos. Since 1998 viewers have watched the couple go from villains to beloved Salem citizens. Like many spouses, Nancy and Craig had their share of problems.

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Nancy was heartbroken by Craig Wesley’s revelation on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Nancy and Craig’s relationship has been focused on Days of Our Lives for the past two decades. The couple has two daughters, Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) and Joy Wesley (Aisling Acuna). Craig and Nancy were dedicated to each other, and she was a huge supporter as he worked hard to get the Chief of Staff job.

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Yet, in February 2022, their marriage ended with Craig’s shocking revelation. Nancy suspected her husband was cheating on her with another woman and expressed her fears to Chloe. After Chloe confronted her father, Craig revealed he was gay. At Chloe’s insistence, Craig decided to tell Nancy the truth.

Nancy was shocked at her husband’s revelation and didn’t take the news well. Her heartache continued when Craig revealed his engagement to Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart).

A trip down memory lane makes Nancy realize she still loves Craig

Nancy was fuming over Craig’s revelation and his engagement. As Craig makes wedding plans with Leo, Nancy is nursing a broken heart. The exes have had little contact with each other since their public showdown, but they’ll soon be reconnecting.

With Craig’s wedding day inching closer, he feels he needs to make amends with Nancy. The two meet, and Craig apologizes for hurting her. Nancy accepts his apology, and the two take a stroll down memory lane as they recall the good times in their relationship.

While Craig’s happy he and Nancy can be friends again, she may have another motive. Her and Craig’s visit leaves her with the hope their marriage can be saved.

Will she stop his wedding?

Nancy will always love Craig no matter what. Although she accepts his choices, she wonders if it’s what he truly wants. She and Chloe are skeptical of Leo’s intentions toward Craig. Leo is a well-known con man who’s after money and social status.

Craig disregards everyone’s concerns and attempts to break up him and Leo. He’s adamant he wants to spend the rest of his life with Leo, yet their wedding won’t be without drama. According to Soaps.com, Nancy will interrupt the couple’s ceremony.

Nancy will have a lot to say about the nuptials. She’ll express her distrust over Leo and how he’s not the right person for Craig. She’ll also make a last-ditch effort to convince Craig to give their marriage another chance.

Will Nancy’s pleas be heard? Or will she watch in heartache as her ex-husband marries Leo?

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