‘Days of Our Lives’ Odds & Ends: Birthdays & Babies All Over Salem!

Birthdays and babies abound amongst Days of Our Lives cast members. Victoria Konefal, who plays Ciara Brady, recently celebrated a milestone birthday. Just one day later, Dan Feuerriegel, who plays EJ, also celebrated a milestone birthday. And a Days alum just announced she was expecting a baby! These are definitely some fun times for Salem’s most popular residents.

Days of Our Lives cast members Jen Lilley, Dan Feurriegel, and Victoria Konefal
‘Days of Our Lives’ stars Jen Lilley, Dan Feurriegel, and Victoria Konefal | Getty Images

‘Days of Our Lives’ alum Jen Lilley is expecting a baby!

Former Days of Our Lives star Jen Lilley — who played Theresa on the show — has announced to People that she’s expecting a child! Lilley and her husband, Jason Wayne, are already parents to adopted sons Kayden, 5, and Jeffrey, 3, and daughter Julie, 2.

Lilley — who also played Maxie on General Hospital — is due next year.

“Julie was planned, but this was definitely a surprise,” she said to the outlet. “I don’t know what it is with me, but I honestly will know like the day after conception, I’m very aware of my body. I felt very pregnant and I thought, ‘This is very weird.’ I was excited, but also it was so strange. I was in this long customs line in Canada waiting for my work permit, and I’m texting my husband and our nanny via group text, ‘I think I’m pregnant right now?’ “

Dan Feurriegel turned 40 this year

Dan Feurriegel, who turned 40 this year, celebrated his birthday on the same day as his co-star, Victoria Konefal. The Days of Our Lives actor was born on October 29, 1981, in New South Wales, Australia. That’s right: EJ’s an Aussie!

Originally, according to SoapHub, he was studying to be a veterinarian. That changed, however, when a friend suggested he give acting a try. As it turned out, he’d found his calling after watching Varsity Blues. After he graduated college, he starred in a series of Australian productions but got his “big break” in 2010 in the film Spartacus with Lucy Lawless. Subsequently, he starred in the miniseries of the same name.

After getting bit parts in shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Feuerriegel got cast in Days of Our Lives as EJ DiMera. In addition to being an actor, Feuerriegel is also an aspiring author, with a graphic novel coming out soon.

Victoria Konefal also celebrated her birthday

Two Days of Our Lives stars have the same birthday! But even though Victoria Konefal and Dan Feuerriegel were born on the same day, they weren’t born in the same year. Konefal was born on October 29, 1996, in Brooklyn, NY. That means she turned 25 years old this year.

According to SoapHub, Konefal wanted to be an actor from a very young age. After starring in a string of bit parts — including a role on Modern Family — she was cast as Ciara Brady in December 2017. Konefal replaced Vivian Jovanni in the role. She was on a contract basis until 2020.

But just one year later, after leaving to pursue other parts, she returned as Ciara Brady on Days of Our Lives. However, she’s only on a recurring basis for now. Nevertheless, she’s still one of the most popular actors on the show!

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