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This week’s Days of Our Lives will feature threats, forgiveness, and a forbidden kiss. EJ threatens Lucas in open court and promises to kill him the next time he sees him. There’s a meet-up teased between Paulina and Lani, which would be their first since “the big reveal.” And Allie and Chanel share a forbidden kiss — and a whole lot more.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are ahead.]

Days of Our Lives sneak peek focuses on Sami and EJ, both pictured here in black outfits
‘Days of Our Lives’ | Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ EJ isn’t taking Sami’s kidnapping lightly

This week’s episode of Days of Our Lives kicks off with a bit of a game of “telephone.” Chad told Kate that Lucas told him that he provided the “evidence” against EJ about Sami’s kidnapping. (You got all that?) Basically, Lucas is framing EJ for Sami’s kidnapping, even though EJ didn’t really do it. And Sami, without knowing any of this, took off for Europe with Lucas in tow to “work on their relationship.” Yikes!

SoapHub reveals that it was Lucas who was behind Sami’s kidnapping plot. But meanwhile, EJ is sitting up in court having to answer for a crime he didn’t commit. And even though Chad promised to tell the truth on the stand, don’t expect wonders and miracles from that DiMera boy.

Look for EJ to threaten Lucas in open court when he takes the stand on the Jan. 14 episode of the show. That will also be the day that Chad takes the stand, too. It remains to be seen whether he’ll stand up for EJ — or protect Lucas and his secret.

Will Lani forgive Paulina?

Lani and Paulina haven’t been speaking to one another since that big reveal on Days of Our Lives. Not only did Lani find out the truth about her mother, but it was revealed that Abe isn’t really her father. (Although you never know, he just might be after all.)

Paulina’s relationship with Abe is still on thin ice, too, and this poor woman can’t catch a break to save her life. But look for her luck to turn around on the Jan. 11 episode of the show. That’s when reveals that the “freeze-out” that Lani’s been doing comes to an end.

Now, the spoilers tease that the pair will be meeting up to discuss some things. Certainly, they have a lot of ground to cover. We’re talking about years of lies here, people. But is forgiveness possible between these two women?

Allie and Chanel share a forbidden kiss — and the night together


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Meanwhile, Paulina’s other daughter Chanel is still celebrating her new marriage to Johnny, whom she married in Europe in a surprise ceremony. But, as we previously reported, it’s not going to take long for this newlywed couple to hit the skids.

And when Johnny breaks Chanel’s heart, she turns to her best frenemy Allie for comfort and advice. But while the pair will share a forbidden kiss, Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that they’ll also spend the night together. And, certainly, it’s not because they’re trading makeup tips.

This week’s Days of Our Lives is definitely going to be chock full of drama!