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This week’s Days of Our Lives speculation focuses on the topic of Allie and Chanel. What would happen if the pair did, indeed, make things official? The two have had a love-hate (well, actually, a hate-hate, hate-love, and love-love) relationship for quite some time. It’s complicated, really. And when they hooked up after Johnny became Jo-Devil, let’s just say that things got more than a little complicated. But if Allie and Chanel became a real couple, would things become even more complicated than ever before? Let’s take a look.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are ahead.]

Days of our Lives speculation focuses on Chanel, pictured here in a white sweater
‘Days of Our Lives’ speculation focuses on Chanel, played by Raven Bowens | Brandon Williams/Getty Images

Allie is having strong feelings for Chanel

As fans of the long-running NBC soap are discovering, Allie has been developing strong feelings for Chanel. The March 14 episode of Days of Our Lives featured our girl Allie confessing her feelings toward Chanel to a rather bewildered Will.

“Will passes through the Square. He’s still hot over Johnny, leading Allie to relay how their brother outed her fling with Chanel to Tripp,” reports “Will jokes that she shouldn’t wait for him to be shocked, since it’d be a little hypocritical. She chuckles but confesses how confused she is. Will tells her that’s not the worst thing to be. She wonders if she’s gay.”

Let’s consider the latest speculation on Days of Our Lives as such: how would the show approach things if Allie and Chanel were a couple for real?

This week’s ‘Days of Our Lives’ speculation focuses on the possibility of them getting together, officially

Days of Our Lives has tackled the subject of homosexuality quite well. The show actually made history, in fact, when they featured the first gay married couple in daytime history. And Will and Sonny — the couple in question — are nothing if not beloved by both fellow Salemites and fans alike.

So, if the show were to add another gay couple — this time, a gay female couple — there’s no question that they’d be well-received by other Salemites and fans alike. And it would certainly be an interesting way to cap off their tumultuous relationship (even if it does follow the old trope of “I hate you, then I love you — I love you, then I hate you”). As Will said, though, it could be worse.

But the latest Days of Our Lives speculation doesn’t necessarily focus on whether Chanel and Allie would be accepted, as a couple. Instead, it focuses on how other people around them — like, say, Johnny — would react when their relationship finally goes public.

How will everyone around them react?

Aside from Johnny being devastated about losing his wife, there’s the situation of Lucas to deal with.


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“The morning after Allie and Chanel hit the sheets, Allie admitted she wasn’t freaked out about being with a woman,” notes Celeb Dirty Laundry. “Allie confessed that being with Chanel felt natural, so it’s clear that Allie’s sexuality is more complicated than she initially thought. However, Allie had strong feelings for Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) as well and regrets losing what they shared. That doesn’t diminish the connection Allie has with Chanel, especially now that nothing’s standing in the way of them being together.”

Fans will have to tune in to upcoming episodes to see if this Days of Our Lives speculation is the real deal — or just wishful thinking.