‘Days of Our Lives’ Speculation: Ben’s Refusal to Become a Father Deads His Relationship with Ciara

Cin shippers are loving the Days of Our Lives storyline as of late. After a bout with amnesia and an almost-marriage to Theo, Ben and Ciara have finally gotten back together. They even took their love Beyond Salem, and the Days power couple is hotter than ever before. But a new threat has arisen in their relationship. Namely, one that involves parenthood. If Ben and Ciara can’t get on the same page when it comes to having a baby, could this be the end of their relationship (again)?

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are ahead.]

Days of Our Lives speculation focuses on Ben and Ciara. Ben is wearing a grey top and a pair of blue jeans, while Ciara is wearing a red dress.
Ben and Ciara on ‘Days of Our Lives’ | Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Ben is concerned about handing down his traits to potential children

On the Sept. 24 episode of Days of Our Lives, SoapHub reveals that Ben finally “gets real” with Ciara about having a baby. The couple is in New Orleans, desperate to enjoy their honeymoon (despite a bit of a detour in the form of Beyond Salem). But Ben knows he can’t hide from the issue forever.

“Despite their best efforts to continue enjoying their New Orleans-set honeymoon, Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal) can no longer ignore the elephant in the room – namely, the latter’s insistence on having a baby as soon as humanly possible,” reports the outlet.

Ciara, though, doesn’t see things Ben’s way.

But Ciara desperately wants a baby

Soaps @ SheKnows has already revealed that the Sept. 27 episode of Days of Our Lives will feature Ciara butting heads with Ben about the baby issue. Ciara is desperate to have a baby with the man she loves, no matter the cost. But Ben’s concerned that any potential baby will inherit his traits.

Specifically, Ben is concerned that the baby will get his propensity for violence. Remember, Ben was an abused kid growing up — and he ended up being the “necktie killer” as an adult. (This was sort of Hope’s problem with the Cin pairing, back in the day. And rightfully so.)

But any baby that grows up in Ben and Ciara’s household will be filled with love. Any Days of Our Lives fan knows that. Still, not being on the same page about children can lead to a couple — any couple, really — splitting up.

They need to get on the same page — or they’ll split

Parade Magazine called Ben and Ciara “The Days of Our Lives Supercouple.” And, certainly, they’re very popular amongst viewers. Let’s remember that this is a couple that comes from Days royalty: Ciara is the daughter of the original DOOL supercouple, Bo and Hope. Ben, meanwhile, has a true soap origin story (an abused kid turned killer turned redeemer).

But even supercouples can’t last if they’re not on the same page. And if Ben and Ciara don’t get on the same page about children, there’s a good chance that the Cin ship will crash, again. This could prove to be devastating for both the couple and fans of the show.

Now, this is all just speculation. Certainly, as a couple, they’ve survived far worse than this. And people don’t really want the Cin ship to crash, given their popularity on the show. We’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives to see if Ben and Ciara can survive this latest challenge to their relationship.

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