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Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Bo and Hope Brady’s (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso) return will end soon. Salem’s favorite super couple made their triumphant return on Mar. 16, 2023. However, fans might be gearing up to say goodbye to them again.

'Days of Our Lives' stars Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso; dressed in white, as their characters Bo and Hope Brady.
Days of Our Lives stars Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso I Howard Wise/Peacock via Getty Images

‘Days of Our Lives’ couple Bo and Hope Brady’s return is for 15 episodes

Bo and Hope are among the most famous couples from Days of Our Lives. Their 40-year love story has captivated the audience and earned them a spot in soap opera history. Sadly, their romance ended with Bo’s “death” in 2015, which also marked Reckell’s departure. Five years later, Alfonso would leave the series after 37 years of playing Hope.

Reckell and Alfonso reprised their roles as Bo and Hope for Season 2 of the show’s spinoff Beyond Salem in July 2022. Bo and Hope’s return was so successful that they returned to the main show in March 2023. While fans have enjoyed seeing Bo and Hope back onscreen, they shouldn’t expect them to stay long.

In a recent Soap Opera Digest podcast interview, Alfonso revealed how long their return would last. The actor initially thought it’d be five episodes like their Beyond Salem run, but the executive producer Ron Carlivati had other ideas.

“Ron said, ‘Oh, I think it’s like 20 or something.’ Twenty? I thought it was going to be five! It was either 12 or 15 episodes we shot,” Alfonso explained. The producers settled on 15 episodes, which means Bo and Hope’s story will wrap soon.

Hope Brady doesn’t know her husband Bo Brady is alive

Unbeknownst to Hope, her husband, Bo is alive. For the past seven years, Megan Hathaway has held Bo captive (Miranda Wilson). Despite Megan’s attempts to brainwash him, Bo fights back and is roaming around Greece.

It just so happens that Hope is there with her new beau, Harris Michaels (Steve Burton). Although Hope’s trying to move on, Bo isn’t far from her thoughts. Bo is her true love, and she’ll never forget him.

With Bo and Hope nearby, they’re bound to run into each other. But will their reunion be a joyous one?

Will the couple get a happy sendoff on ‘Days of Our Lives’?

Bo and Hope’s return is set to wrap up soon on Days of Our Lives. Time is ticking if the writers want to give the couple their happy ending. While it would be heartwarming to see Bo reunited with his Fancy Face, their reunion might be prolonged.


‘Days of Our Lives’ Speculation: Is Bo Returning? Peter Reckell Spills the Beans

Bo and Hope’s story might not end on a happy note, but Reckell teased he and Alfonso would return for more episodes. “Each time, it’s gotten to be a bigger commitment,” Reckell explained. “We’ve left the show in a place where, yeah we’ve got to see what’s going to – it’s got to be a continuing story, not only for us actors but for the audience.”

From the sound of it, Bo and Hope’s story is far from over. The couple seems destined for more drama, adventure, and romance as Hope tries to save Bo. Hopefully, the next chapter in their love story will be happy.