‘Days of Our Lives’ Star Billy Flynn Agrees With Decision to Kill Abby

Days of Our Lives actor Billy Flynn portrays Chad DiMera on the NBC soap opera. Chad is a prominent character in Salem, and his relationship with Abby Deveraux (Marci Miller) has been the main focus of his storylines. But Chad is mourning the death of his wife after a mystery assailant kills Abby. The decision to kill Abby has sparked outrage and Flynn’s opening up about his thoughts on the matter.

'Days of Our Lives' star Billy Flynn opens up about the death of character Abby Deveraux.
Marci Miller and Billy Flynn I Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

‘Days of Our Lives’ star Billy Flynn believes killing Abby Deveraux was for the best

On the June 10 episode of Days of Our Lives, Chad discovered Abby’s dead body in their bedroom. Fans knew Abby’s death was a long time coming because rumors circulated she would be killed in a gruesome murder. However, they weren’t prepared to say goodbye to the beloved heroine.

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Abby’s death is a hot topic in the soap opera community, with many fans upset with the decision to kill her. However, Flynn is jumping to the writers and producers’ defense. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, the actor explained that he agreed the best thing was to kill Abby.

“It’s very sad. I didn’t think they were going to do that to Abigail. That being said, I think it’s the only way to do it moving forward. You can’t just keep writing her off. I would rather have them do this than continue make her go crazy and torture her in all these crazy ways.”

Marci Miller’s departure lead to Abby Deveraux’s death

Miller took over the role of Abby on Days of Our Lives in November 2016. Kate Mansi previously played the position, and although Miller had big shoes to fill, she won fans over. Miller’s chemistry with Flynn increased Abby and Chad’s popularity, and their romance was an important aspect of the series. However, Miller’s numerous departures altered Chabby’s relationship, often resulting in the couple breaking up.

After another brief split, Abby and Chad finally got back together, yet they weren’t meant to have a happy ending. When Miller decided to leave the show after five years, she was shocked the producers wanted to kill Abby. In an interview with Soap Opera News, Miller expressed her displeasure over her character’s death. “I just had a really hard time with the decision, honestly. I honestly thought they would recast and should recast; that was my opinion.”

Billy Flynn previews what’s next for Chad DiMera on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Chad faces life as a widower on Days of Our Lives with Abby dead. While grieving his wife’s death, he must be strong for his children, Thomas and Charlotte DiMera (Cary Christopher and Autumn Gendron). Chad will have friends and family rally around him during his time of need. Although it’s tough now, Chad will eventually move on from Abby, something Flynn is looking forward to.

“If Abigail’s around, it’s going to be tough for the audience to want him to move on. And you can’t really tell a story for Chad if Abigail’s in limbo all the time. So, selfishly, I haven’t gotten a whole lot of story over the last few years because it’s tough to know what to do with Chad when Abigail is coming and going. Ultimately, I’m excited for the potential of what’s to come. But I love Chad and Abigail. They’re a great love story.”

With enough time, Chad will find love again and find his next companion. Yet, as soap fans know, the drama will ensue when Chad and his new lady start growing closer. The drama might be his ex-wife returning from the dead.

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