‘Days of Our Lives’ Star Judi Evans is the Latest Soap Opera Star to Wade Into the COVID Vaccine Debate

Judi Evans of Days of Our Lives is the latest actor to wade into the debate over COVID-19 vaccines. Evans, who plays Bonnie on the show, wasted no time in making her opinions known about the controversial vaccine. Let’s take a look at what she said, and how her fans reacted.

Days of Our Lives
‘Days of Our Lives’ | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The ‘Days of Our Lives’ star is in favor of the vaccines

In a series of tweets, the popular Days of Our Lives star made clear that she’s in favor of people getting vaccinated against COVID-19. First, she said that people who didn’t take the vaccine were “selfish” because they were taking away spots from people who had non-COVID emergencies.

“Hospitals are filling up with mostly unvaccinated patients, right? Who’s going to fight for the heart attack, stroke victims, accident victims who will be turned away, or not treated in time because the hospital so overloaded?” she said.

When a fan pushed back against her stance, the Days of Our Lives star revealed that she battled COVID, and she felt the rewards of the vaccine far outweighed the risks. “We are so advanced medically,” she said. “[H]aving had Covid badly, it was definitely worth the risk. I mean people are taking Ivermectin for cattle instead of the vaccine!! What’s up with that? It hasn’t even been tested.”

Her fans are supportive of her stance

Evans was very vocal about her stance. And, while she did receive some criticism, the vast majority of the Days of Our Lives fans agreed with her.

“We need more like u to speak out. It’s about compassion for others. It’s sad that some don’t have it or don’t care to,” wrote one fan. “THANK YOU for saying this. People assume the media is making this stuff up, but they are not. They aren’t making up the numbers either. It’s real, and it’s bad, and the two simple things we can do to slow the spread is to mask and vaccinate!” wrote another fan.

But not all of Evans’ soap opera colleagues agree with her stance.

Other soap opera stars, however, don’t agree with her

While the Days of Our Lives star is clearly in favor of the COVID-19 vaccines, not all soap opera stars are in favor of the vaccine.

The Bold and the Beautiful star Aaron Spears, who plays Justin, recently made headlines for blasting the vaccine mandates. Later, however, he revealed that he was merely “stirring the pot” and trying to get attention.

The same, however, cannot be said about General Hospital stars. In a recent report, it was revealed that the cast is literally divided over the COVID-19 vaccine controversy. While Nancy Grahn, who plays Alexis, has been very vocal about her support of the vaccine, Ingo Rademacher — who plays Jax — has been equally vocal in his belief that the vaccine is a tool of oppression.

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