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Days of Our Lives has added an All My Children veteran to the canvas. William Christian has joined the cast as the villainous TR Coates. Prior to this, though, he played the genial Derek Frye on the classic soap opera. And in a recent interview, he explained how his new role is more reminiscent of a legendary villain.

Days of Our Lives star William Christian in a tuxedo and a yellow bow tie
‘Days of Our Lives’ star William Christian | NBCUniversal

Christian almost didn’t take the role on ‘Days of Our Lives’

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Christian explained how he almost didn’t take the role on Days of Our Lives. He said that the role was a turn-off because of how villainous his character was.

“Who would want to play that?” said Christian. He said that he ultimately decided to take the role because his family convinced him that it would be a good idea. “It’s quintessential daytime,” he said. Ultimately, too, he said he was happy he took the role because he has a good time with his co-stars, especially Jackée Harry.

“She’s the queen on the set, and everybody loves working with Jackée,” he said to the outlet. “It’s been an awesome experience. I would do it in a heartbeat again and again.”

He compared Coates to Erica Kane

Christian’s character on Days of Our Lives reminds him of another sinister character: Erica Kane. Fans of All My Children will recall that this character, originated by the legendary Susan Lucci, was the gold standard by which daytime villains were measured.

And Christian, who worked with Lucci, said that he invokes her character when he plays TR Coates. He also said that it’s not a role he generally gets to play, as he’s usually cast as more genial characters like Derek Frye.

“For daytime, it’s an awesome character; I mean, it’s the male equivalent of Susan Lucci, I mean, of Erica Kane or something like that,” he said to Soap Opera Digest. “Well, maybe not as rich as that, but it’s a rich, juicy, male daytime character and I get to play a less-than-savory person, which only in my early days in plays and on Days of Our Lives have I gotten to play; maybe once in a primetime show but not usual.”

Christian will return to ‘Days’ after the Olympics

Unfortunately, though, fans will have to wait until after the Olympics to see Christian in action again.


‘Days of Our Lives’ Names Former NBC Executive to its Director of Communications

Days of Our Lives left its fans with a cliffhanger on Feb. 3. On that day, TR spilled the beans to Lani as Chanel got an earful from Paulina about revealing more than she should have. Unfortunately for TR, Lani didn’t exactly react the way he was hoping. She’s not exactly thrilled that TR is her real father, and she made it clear that she wants no part of him in her life.

Everything is in shambles in Paulina’s life. But we’ll just have to wait until Days returns on Feb. 21 to see what happens next.