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It’s been a while since Days of Our Lives has focused on Gabi Hernandez. And that’s a shame. Because Gabi is a villainess in the same vein as Erica Kane of All My Children and Sheila Carter of The Bold and the Beautiful. And this week, the spoilers tease that she just might betray Jake thanks to a sinister and otherworldly force.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are ahead.]

Days of Our Lives star Camila Banus in a floral top next to the NBC logo
‘Days of Our Lives’ star Camila Banus, who plays Gabi | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Gabi is in full villainess mode

When it comes to Gabi Hernandez, it was never a question of if she’d become a villain again. It was a question of when. And on this week’s Days of Our Lives, Gabi’s true personality is out on full display.

“Speaking of Johnny — or should we say, JoDevil — he’s busying himself with trying to lure Gabi Hernandez DiMera (Camila Banus) into bed so that the two of them might get busy,” reports SoapHub. “Gabi might be tempted…if it wasn’t for the whole, she knew Johnny way back when he was a wee one being raised by her big brother thing.”

As fans of Days of Our Lives know, the Devil has made some very strange things happen over the years. (Except in the past, the Devil came in the form of Mar-Devil.) It wouldn’t be too surprising if the Devil was able to get Gabi to double-cross Jake — and we’ll find out whether the Devil will succeed on the Feb. 28 episode of the show.

Brady and Chloe become more than friends

Meanwhile, Brady and Chloe have been swearing up and down the place that they’re nothing more than friends. But anyone with a pair of eyes can see they have some amazing chemistry with one another. And suggests that on the March 1 episode of Days of Our Lives, the pair are finally going to do something about all that tension they can’t seem to get rid of.

“Want to hear a recipe for disaster? Take Brady and Chloe — you know, the two who keep insisting they’re just friends. Then add a healthy dose of her dad Craig and his new boyfriend. Put them together at a table, throw in a pinch of awkwardness and enjoy!” reports the outlet.

Yes, that definitely sounds like a special type of Hell. Hopefully, these two will be able to get through it all.

And Tripp and Allie’s engagement gets torpedoed

Johnny (as Jo-Devil) is definitely his grandmama’s baby, in the sense that he loves to wreck relationships. Whether he’s wrecking his own, or he’s wrecking other people’s, this Days of Our Lives villain is played to campy perfection by Carson Boatman. Now, according to SoapHub, good old Johnny plans to muck up his sister’s plans to get married!


‘Days of Our Lives’ This Week: NBC Soap Returns With a Bang — Literally

“Tripp’s engagement goes awry thanks to his girlfriend’s devious brother — then again, he IS possessed by the Devil so he kind of has an excuse. Johnny causes major drama for Allie and Tripp!” reports the outlet.

Look for the mess to go down on the March 1 episode of the show. But on the Feb. 28 episode of the show, Ben and Ciara are all but convinced that Johnny’s possessed by the Big Bad. Can the soap super-couple stop Johnny before all havoc breaks loose?