‘Days of Our Lives’ Weekly Recap: John Refuses to Give Up, Abe Flatlines & Puts His Wedding to Paulina in Jeopardy

Days of Our Lives features one of the longest-running soap couples on record. If there’s one thing that John Black is going to do, it’s love on Dr. Marlena Evans, no matter how many times the devil possesses her. And this time around is no different. John has vowed to never give up on his wife, and he’ll even fight the devil himself to save her. Meanwhile, another Salem wedding is in jeopardy. Abe Carver gets caught in the crossfire of the DiMera war, and now, he’s flatlined. Can this really be the end of him and Paulina? It just seems so unfair. Let’s get into what happened on Days of Our Lives this week.

Days of Our Lives weekly recap focuses on John Black, right, pictured in a blue sweater, and Marlena Evans, left, pictured in a white suit
‘Days of Our Lives’ | Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock

On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ John refuses to let Mar-Devil win

Days of Our Lives fans know that John Black will forever fight for Dr. Marlena Evans. No matter what goes right or wrong in their lives, John loves him some Marlena. And even when the Devil threatens to take over his wife’s life, John refuses to let him win.

And that’s exactly what we saw on today’s episode. SoapHub reveals that John went ahead and picked the lock on his wife’s drawers (her desk drawers, people) and began listening to some recordings. HIPAA violations aside, John is in for it when Kayla realizes he’s listening to confidential information. But when John reveals to Kayla that it’s “not really Marlena,” they’re soon all aware that Marlena’s old problem is back again.

Of course, Julie’s already figured out that she’s dealing with “Mar-Devil,” because she visibly flinched when Julie pulled out her rosary. If there’s one thing that Days of Our Lives loves to do, it’s play up semi-Catholic themes. We love to see it!

Abe flatlines

Well, this is unfortunate. On today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Jake DiMera just might have put the kibosh on Abe and Paulina’s wedding. He shot Abe in the park, people! Poor Abe.

Abe was rushed to the hospital, where he flatlined. And according to Soaps @ SheKnows, Paulina immediately rushed to be by his side.

“In the ER, Kayla and her team work on Abe,” reports the outlet. “His blood pressure starts to drop. Paulina bursts in. Kayla tells her she can’t be in there. Paulina says Abe needs to know she’s there for him. Lani arrives and pulls her aunt out of the room.”

Jake DiMera’s goose is cooked

Jake DiMera is nothing if not the most inept mafia soldier in history. How do you aim for Carmine and end up hitting Abe? But that’s exactly what happened on today’s Days of Our Lives. And according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Jake’s proverbial goose is cooked now that he’s been arrested for shooting poor Abe.

“Jake quickly pushed for an attorney, so Rafe complained about him lawyering up and vowed to make Jake pay if he was responsible for Abe’s shooting,” reported the outlet. “Jake used his one phone call to summon Gabi, who rushed over and got updates on what happened. Gabi insisted she would talk to Rafe and prayed Abe would pull through so he could explain everything to the cops. Jake blamed himself, but he agreed Abe had to pull through for the sake of his family and the people who loved him.”

On upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives, we’ll be seeing Abe having an “afterlife” experience. Is it too late for him and Paulina? Is this the end of Abe Carver once and for all?

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