‘Days of Our Lives’ Weekly Sneak Peek: ‘Mar-Devil’ Torches Paulina’s Wedding Plans

Mar-Devil is up to no good. And on this week’s Days of Our Lives, the possessed version of the beloved Dr. Marlena Evans-Black continues her reign of terror. This time, she wreaks havoc on Paulina’s life, and torches her plans for a happy wedding to Abe. (Apparently, the Devil wants a lot more than Ben and Ciara’s baby.)

Days of Our Lives focuses on Paulina, pictured here in a red and white dress
‘Days of Our Lives’ | Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ the drama begins when Abe wants Marlena to officiate

Now that Abe and Paulina have finally decided to get married, upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives will definitely focus on their wedding plans. The couple is planning to get married during the third week of November — which will definitely be a rating driver for the soap. But in the meantime, the pair will be making plans.

Look for Abe to tell Paulina that he wants his old friend Marlena to officiate their wedding on the Oct. 21 episode of Days of Our Lives. While he wants things to be a “family affair,” Paulina isn’t so sure. Then again, according to Soaps @ SheKnows, only one of the two has secrets to hide.

But how is Abe so completely unaware of what’s going on with his old friend Marlena?

Abe is then rushed to the hospital

Celeb Dirty Laundry has some more insight about what’s going on with Mar-Devil. According to their Days of Our Lives spoilers, things are definitely going to get explosive before Abe and Paulina walk down the aisle. First, Abe will be rushed to the hospital on the Oct. 22 episode of the show. This may inspire Paulina to feel guilty about keeping secrets from her man — but it won’t be enough for her to come clean to him.

And that’s where Mar-Devil comes into play. You see, Chanel is definitely easily manipulated, and Mar-Devil will definitely inspire Chanel to go digging for the truth about Lani’s parents. Chanel will definitely begin feeling a type of way when Lani is named as Paulina’s maid of honor at the wedding. And that resentment will force her to go digging for the truth.

“The truth” is something Marlena already knows — but she can’t break doctor-patient privilege, Devil or not. So, she just might get Chanel to do it for her. And since we already know that Marlena’s going to be possessed until at least Christmas, the trouble is just beginning for everybody in Salem.

The truth about Lani’s parents comes out — and torches the plans

So, Chanel’s jealousy toward Lani is going to really make the truth shake loose on upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives.

“Chanel will get upset with Paulina when she makes Lani her maid of honor, so that could lead to Chanel opening up to Marlena at a therapy session,” reports Celeb Dirty Laundry. “Perhaps Marlena could even leave Paulina’s case file out where Chanel might see what they discussed – leading to the revelation that Lani is her sister by Paulina and a man other than Abe. One way or another, Marlena should be able to fuel Chanel’s outrage with Paulina.”

Days of Our Lives is definitely shaping up to be a barn-burner this week.

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