‘Days of Our Lives’ Weekly Spoilers Roundup: Chanel is Devastated When She Finds Out the Truth

On recent episodes of Days of Our Lives, it was revealed that the Devil had a new host in Johnny. Naturally, this has caused his relationship with Chanel to go completely bananas. And, in response, Chanel had a brief Sapphic fling with Allie. But it sounds like this is just the beginning of the problems that the new young couple has. And when Chanel finds out the truth about Johnny, she will be devastated.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are ahead.]

Days of Our Lives spoilers focus on Chanel
‘Days of Our Lives’ | Paul Redmond/Getty Images

On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Johnny broke Chanel’s heart before

During the party that was supposed to celebrate their wedding, Johnny chose, instead, to dump his brand-new bride. Now, Days of Our Lives fans know that it’s because the Devil made him do it (literally). And there was an intense — and, in true Jackée Harry fashion, hilarious — interaction between the mother of the bride and her new son-in-law. But that still left Chanel devastated.

And it drove her into the arms of Allie

As fans of Days of Our Lives already know, Chanel and Johnny shocked everyone when they got secretly married. Paulina, especially, was reeling from the announcement. (How much more can this poor woman take? Shoutout to Jackée Harry for playing Paulina with so many layers, though.) But, eventually, everyone accepted it.

That “everyone” included Allie, who seemed to have a love-hate relationship (and, some might say, a hate-hate relationship) with the whole thing. But while some fans thought that Allie’s feelings were rooted in unrequited love for Johnny, the latest spoilers from Soaps.com suggest that she actually has feelings for Chanel. And — plot twist! — Chanel just may feel the same, too.

And that led to messiness to the extreme on the Jan. 10 episode of the show, when Chanel and Allie ended up in bed together. But now, Chanel will come to find out another truth about Johnny — and how he’s been getting hot’n’heavy with none other than the villainous Gabi!

Now, she’ll find out the truth about Johnny

According to Soaps.com, Days of Our Lives upcoming episodes will feature Chanel finding out the truth about Johnny’s forbidden kiss with Gabi. Look for the truth to come out on the Jan. 24 episode of the show. It’s a bit confusing as to why Chanel is confused — after all, she had a whole one-night stand with Allie —or why she’s devastated.

Nevertheless, the truth will certainly sting.

“Chanel had her heart broken when Johnny dumped her at the party meant to celebrate their wedding,” reports the outlet. “How will she feel when Allie says that she saw her brother making out with Gabi? (To be fair, Allie and Chanel did make love recently, so Johnny’s got some catching up to do!) Meanwhile, Jake and Gabi continue trying to convince Johnny that he should throw his support behind them.”

Of course, Chanel doesn’t quite know the full truth about the Devil taking over. But, we’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives to see what happens when she finally finds out.

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