‘Days of our Lives’ What Could Eve’s Return Mean?

Days of our Lives is one of the most popular soap operas of the times. The NBC network has been airing Days of our Lives since 1965. The award-winning series has come a long way since then. Salem is the setting of the fictional storylines that so many people have followed over the many seasons. The soap opera is centered around the Horton family and the drama between the characters.

Deidre Hall, Kristian Alfonso, Suzanne Rogers, and Chandler Massey are just a few members of the talented cast. Lately, fans and viewers of Days of our Lives have been discussing and speculating a lot of different possibilities when it comes to the character of Eve Donovan. Many people claim they have reason to believe that Eve will be returning to the show sooner than later. Take a look back at Eve’s journey and what fans and viewers of Days of our Lives are saying about her now.  

Kassie Depaiva smiling in front of a brown backdrop with the 'Days of our Lives' logo
Kassie DePaiva | Getty Images

Who is Eve on ‘Days of our Lives’? 

Loyal fans and viewers of Days of our Lives can probably recall Eve Donovan. Charlotte Ross is the actress who originally played the character. Eve was first introduced on the popular soap opera in 1987. The character has a reputation for having a troubled past and sex work. A lot of her storyline had a lot to do with the complex relationship she had with her biological father. 

Eve, sometimes called “Evil Eve,” is known for her volatility and rash decision making. From blackmailing people to her controversial affairs, Eve isn’t typically known for bringing in rays of sunshine to Salem. While her reputation ended up making her an oft prime suspect of murders and attempted murders, Eve has been able to get herself out of bad situations, even prison, making her one of fans’ favorite characters to watch.

When did Eve leave the ‘Days of our Lives’? 

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In 1991, Charlotte Ross, the initial actor cast to play Eve made the decision to leave the show and the role. As a result, the character’s storyline unexpectedly paused. However, in 2014 Kassie DePaiva excitedly decided to be the next actress to play the role of Eve on Days of our Lives. Though it seemed like many fans and viewers were excited to see the vengeful return of the character, unfortunately, it didn’t last very long. Eve was once again written off the show. On Days of our Lives, Eve found herself, once again, in a sticky and scandalous situation.

When the character becomes a suspect of murder, she decided to flee Salem. What some fans and viewers may have not realized is that decision was probably directly connected to the health of the famous actress who was playing Eve at the time. When DePaiva was diagnosed with cancer she ultimately made the decision to leave the show. It was around the same time that Eve was shown on Days of our Lives running away from town.  Fortunately, as Soaps In Depth reports, as of 2017, DePaiva shared that she is officially in remission. 

What are spoilers for ‘Days of our Lives’ seemingly indicating? 

There have been a lot of spoilers on social media and in the headlines when it comes to Days of our Lives. Lately, fans and viewers have reason to believe that Eve may be returning to the soap opera that they know and love. Some theories are centered around Eve returning just in time to spice up Claire’s wedding. Some people think this could be linked back to Claire’s painful history with Ben and believe her return will be to ruin the wedding, 

Other spoilers indicate Eve must be coming back to take care of any unfinished business with Orpheus, according to SoapDirt. Nevertheless, fans and viewers are curious to see what Days of our Lives actually has in store for the character Eve. It is clear that many viewers believe if Eve does return it will be to stir the pot, so to speak. After all, Eve’s character is known for making a scene. Only time will tell if Eve will be returning to the well-loved soap opera.