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DC’s Stargirl is bringing a whole new superhero universe to the CW. Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) and her stepfather sidekick, Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) are getting ready to take on an older generation of supervillains in their small Nebraska town. Here’s a breakdown of Stargirl’s enemies in the Injustice Society. 

Brec Bassinger in The CW's 'DC's Stargirl'
Brec Bassinger in ‘DC’s Stargirl’ | Jace Downs/The CW

Henry King Sr. —  Brainwave

As fans saw in the second episode of DC’s Stargirl, Henry King Sr., aka Brainwave (Christopher James Baker), is a formidable foe Courtney will face this season. The character was first introduced in DC’s 1943 All-Star Comics #15 in “The Man Who Created Images.”

He was a founding member of the Injustice Society, who fought against the Justice Society of America. Some of his enemies include Wonder Woman, Johnny Thunder, and Doctor Mid-Nite.

Eventually, Brainwave passes his psychic powers to his son Henry King Jr., who was both a superhero and a villain in the comics. Jake Austin Walker will play Icicle’s son on the CW series.

Jordan Makhent — Icicle

In the second episode, Jordan Makhent, aka Icicle (Neil Jackson) makes his presence known as one of Stargirl’s biggest enemies. He is the head of the Injustice Society, and Pat seems to be pretty intimidated by his legacy. 

The supervillain made his debut with the name Joar Makhent in the 1947 All-Star Comics #90. He was a European scientist who created a cold ray gun that he could use to freeze anything.

In the later comics, Icicle’s son, Cameron, inherits his powers into his physical body.  Actor Hunter Sansone will portray Cameron Makhent on DC’s Stargirl.

 Steven Sharpe — The Gambler

At the end of Episode 2, Steven Sharpe, aka The Gambler (Eric Goins) makes his debut as a member of the Injustice Society. The character first appeared in DC’s Green Lantern Vol.1 #12 in 1944. 

As his name suggests, his abilities include gambling. But the villain is also an expert of disguise and a skilled knife thrower. The Gambler’s enemies include The Flash, The Green Lantern, and Atom. 

Neil Hopkins Lawrence ‘Crusher’ Crock / Sportsmaster

Pat meets Lawrence “Crusher” Crock, aka Sportsmaster (Neil Hopkins) in the premiere episode of the series. The character made his DC Comics debut in 1947, in All-American Comics #85.  He is a member of the Injustice Society who has fought against superheroes like Robin and Batgirl. 

Along with being a great athlete, Sportsmaster’s abilities include hand-to-hand combat, and he is skilled at using sports equipment as weapons. In the comics, he is married to Paula Brooks, aka Huntress/Tigress.

Joy Osmanski  – Tigress

On DC’s Stargirl, Joy Osmanski will portray Paula Brooks, aka Tigress. The character was first introduced as Huntress in Sensation Comics #68 in 1947. Tigress is a skilled fighter, and would sometimes use wild cats in her criminal activity. 

In the comics, Tigress is a member of the Injustice Society and is married to Sportsmaster. Her enemies include Wildcat, Black Canary, and Starman.

William Zarick  — The Wizard

William Zarick, aka The Wizard (Joe Knezevich) is one of the six original members of the Injustice Society. The villain made his DC Comics debut as William Zard with All-Star Comics #34 in 1947, fighting the Justice Society of America.

In addition to his powers of illusion, The Wizard can astral project and hypnotize his enemies. In the premiere episode of DC’s Stargirl, he is seen killing Hourman in a flashback. On the show, Cynthia Evans plays his wife, Denise, and Wil Deusne portrays his son, Joey.

Solomon Grundy

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As seen in the premiere episode of DC’s Stargirl, Solomon Grundy is a gigantic, towering villain who fights the JSA alongside the Injustice Society. The character first appeared in All-American Comics #61 in 1944. 

But Grundy isn’t just huge, he also has super-human strength, can heal immediately, and is basically indestructible and immortal. Over the years, Grundy has fought many popular superheroes, including Batman and Green Lantern. 

Dr. Ito — Dragon King 

In DC’s Stargirl, Dr. Ito, aka Dragon King (Nelson Lee) is a scientist who conducts controversial experiments on himself and others. He has altered his genetic code to be more reptile-like. He is a member of the Injustice Society, who fought Starman and other heroes from the JSA.