‘Dead to Me’ Season 2 Left Multiple Cliffhangers and More Questions for Season 3

No one was quite expecting what went down in season 2 of Dead to Me. Viewers knew the story would revolve around Steve and the messiness surrounding his end, but the secrets were at a fever pitch in this installment of the series.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini returned to the scene of the crime as Jen and Judy, tangling themselves up in more than one web. Things seemed to come full circle with this cast of characters from the story’s beginnings in season 1, but more problems lie ahead.

Let’s talk about the different cliffhangers in that final episode and the questions that need to be answered heading into a third season.

'Dead to Me' Season 2 with Linda Cardellini and Christinia Applegate
‘Dead to Me’ Season 2 with Linda Cardellini and Christinia Applegate | Saeed Adyani / Netflix

Steve’s body could spell trouble

Fans finally learned that Steve wasn’t shot but bludgeoned to death by a raging Jen with that little bird. Once the ladies decided to move Steve from the pool to the freezer to the woods, we didn’t know if Judy would crack or if they would get caught burying him.

Racked with guilt and grief, Judy had a hard time letting go of Steve. Full of guilt for hiding the truth from Judy and her kids, Jen worked up to a point where she could own her faults and try to improve herself. But they still got away with crime. Or did they?

The question centers around Detective Perez’s willingness to keep pretending she and Jen never went to the woods or had that conversation. Will she too be roped into covering up this deed (the Greek mafia angle works), or will she uphold the law?

Will another wrench be thrown into the plot if Steve and Ben’s mom decides to hire a private investigator? Something tells us Nick may not let this go either.

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What about Charlie finding Jen’s letter to Judy?

It’s none of his business, but that’s never stopped Charlie from digging through things that don’t belong to him. If he reads that letter his mom wrote to Judy, he’ll realize she was involved with his dad in some sketchy way.

The line, “I’m sorry I couldn’t forgive you sooner for Ted” will make the kid want to know the truth about Judy. But so will Jen’s words about making her own confession. What will they tell Charlie and how will he react?

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Karen the neighbor is still a wild card

Should Jen and the viewers be comfortable that Karen’s husband erased one month of footage from their security cameras?

It could be a false sense of peace and given that Karen seems very adept with tech, her divorce proceedings could push her to dig deeper into who was coming and going from their home. What if there are remnants of Steve somewhere on the cloud?

Ben hit Jen and Judy, but doesn’t know it

On the lam as a drunk hit-and-run driver, Ben joins Jen and Judy as a perpetrator of a crime. He doesn’t realize who he crashed into and he doesn’t realize that the ladies are criminals too.

It’s his turn to be riddled with guilt for the crash as he struggles with his brother’s death. It’s inevitable that the car accident details will come to light.

But will there be a circle of forgiveness or will the three of them weave a new web of lies to stay out of trouble–with the law and each other? It’s going to be complicated in season 3.

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