Debbie Allen vs. Phylicia Rashad: Which Sister Has the Higher Net Worth?

When it comes to successful siblings, Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad are the ultimate. The sisters are huge names in the entertainment world and have spent decades building a legacy in Hollywood. Less than two years apart in age, the famous sisters have remained close throughout their lifetime and even worked with each other professionally. But which sister has the higher net worth?

sisters Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad attend New York Magazine Oscar party in 2008
Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Because neither sister looks their age, fans of Rashad and Allen are always questioning which sibling is older. However, Rashad is actually the elder sibling and was born on June 19, 1948. Rashad developed a passion for the arts early on and earned a BFA from Howard. After graduating, Rashad began an illustrious career in the theatre, becoming the first Black woman to win a Tony Award for Best Actress in Play.

Of course, Rashad’s talents weren’t limited to the stage. She had a myriad of notable roles in film and TV also with both directing and acting credits. Perhaps her most well-known role is that of Clair Huxtable in the NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show. More recently, she has starred in films like Creed and Creed II alongside Michael B. Jordan and she is currently a well-loved guest star on the hit NBC drama, This Is Us.

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Allen has followed in her older sister’s footsteps in many ways but has certainly made a lane for herself. Born on January 16, 1950, Allen also showed early signs of being interested in the fine arts. Like Rashad, she attended Howard but instead earned a B.A. in Classical Greek Literature, Speech, and Theatre. She too began her career in Broadway before transitioning into film.

Debbie Allen has made a name for herself in the dancing world

Fame was what first made Allen into a household name. Though she had a small part in the film, she was essential to the success of the adapted TV series. Following several other successful roles, Allen expressed interest in being behind the camera and successfully produced and directed hit shows like A Different World. Allen is also a successful singer and songwriter and is a giant in the world of dance. Her studio, the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, which opened in 2001, was featured on the hit Lifetime show Dance Moms.

Which sister has the higher net worth, Rashad or Allen?

Clearly, both Rashad and Allen have had highly-successful and lucrative careers. In fact, the aforementioned achievements are just the tip of the iceberg for the siblings. But which sister has the higher net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rashad is worth a staggering $55 million. Allen, on the other hand, is worth $3 million. Though that’s a pretty big gap, it’s clear that both sisters are extremely successful and extremely comfortable financially.