‘Deliciousness’ Star Kel Mitchell Has Some Advice for Barbecue Lovers

Dancing With the Stars Season 28 runner-up and Nickelodeon alum Kel Mitchell is excited to be part of Rob Dyrdek’s latest MTV endeavor, Deliciousness. During a Zoom call with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Mitchell talked about his work on the MTV show and highlighted some of his favorite foods to prepare and eat. He also shared a secret to barbecuing that he learned after making a food faux pas.

Kel Mitchell
Kel Mitchell | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ Kel Mitchell is panelist on MTV’s ‘Deliciousness’ 

Deliciousness comes to MTV fans just in time for the holidays. The show looks at some of the internet’s most viral and entertaining videos involving food and drink.

“Well, I’m a foodie,” Mitchell admitted to Showbiz Cheat Sheet when asked about his involvement with Dyrdek’s latest project. “I love to eat. We love to cook here at the [Mitchell] house.” 

In addition to being a big fan of food, Mitchell said he was a big fan of Dyrdek’s. 

“Rob is just this mastermind, so when I heard his name, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, of course, I’ll be down with [doing the show],'” he said. “And to work with Tiffani [Thiessen], too — I’m huge, huge Saved by the Bell fan.” 

Working on Deliciousness not only appealed to Mitchell as a foodie. The role also helped him achieve one of his childhood dreams. 

“I [have] had a mission to meet [the entire cast of Saved by the Bell] since I was a kid,” Mitchell explained. “So now I [have!]” 

Kel Mitchell’s favorite foods include free-range turkey and sweet potato pie 

After discussing the logistics of his barbecue setup, we talked about Mitchell’s favorite things to barbecue. 

“I love barbecueing free-range turkey,” he started. “I love doing that, free-range turkey wings, and then also the ribs as well.” Mitchell said he smokes various meats in addition to barbecuing them. 


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“I do the Smoking Grill — I’m a pit boss out there with the pellets,” he laughed. 

When he’s not grilling up his favorite meats, Mitchell is consuming his all-time-favorite holiday food — sweet potato pie. 

“I love sweet potato pie,” said the actor. “It is so good. When it’s the holidays, it’s kind of like we got to have sweet potato pie.” For Mitchell, the holidays just aren’t the same without the festive dessert. He has plans to consume plenty of sweet potato pie this Christmas.

Kel Mitchell has sage advice for barbecuing food

Like Ridiculousness, Deliciousness looks at fails that have gone viral. But instead of being viral stunts, Deliciousness showcases viral food fails. As the promo for the series says, “The only thing people love more than delicious food is delicious food fails.” 

Being a foodie, Mitchell loves to cook for his family. During out chat, Mitchell highlighted his love of barbecuing. Ironically, one of his biggest food blunders occurred while Mitchell was at the grill.

“I was texting on my phone and not paying attention to the meat on the grill and ended up burning [what I was grilling],” Mitchell said. “It happens because you have to be timed when you do a barbecue.” 

Mitchell called barbecuing an art — an art in which he advises his fans not to “text and ‘cue.”