Demi Burnett Says All ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Are Here for ‘Fame/Exposure’

We’re only a few episodes into Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor and already “here for the right reasons” is getting tossed around a lot.

Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise alum Demi Burnett recently hosted a group date for Weber’s contestants and has been tweeting about the pilot’s season as it airs.

Demi Burnett | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage
Demi Burnett | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

During last night’s episode she tweeted:

“When are we going to stop pretending that any contestant goes on this show not wanting fame/exposure”

Bachelor Nation reacts to Demi Burnett’s tweet

It received quite a response from fans.

Some fans agreed with her.

“No demi you go to fall in love forever with a complete stranger in the time frame of 2 months duh (unless you went to stagecoach first),” responded one Twitter user.

“It’s entertaining but to me it’s obvious that’s why they all go on the show. Exposure. Production manipulates as well , but again, it’s meant to entertain us and that’s what it does,” wrote another.

“Everyone that goes on now is all about wanting fame/exposure. It was much better years ago. It’s at the point of ridiculous now,” replied another fan.

One fan brought up that it’s not just Instagram fame contestants are after. Some Bachelor contestants go on the show hoping to be the bachelorette.

“There’s people that go on it and hope they make it far enough to become the next bachelor or bachelorette,” responded one fan.

But some fans believe it’s a little more nuanced than that. While contestants may be excited about the benefits that go along with starring on the show, they may also be hopeful of falling in love.

“Omg no people go for love but if they leave with no love and a deal selling pretty hair gummy bears on insta it’s the same thing,” wrote one fan.

“Seriously! “The wrong reasons” is so silly. It seems to me the right reason is simply being OPEN to falling in love, but nobody’s applying for a TV show not looking for exposure. Nobody watches this show thinking “this is the most logical place for me to quietly fall in love,”” responded another.

“At the end of the day it’s possible to want to find love and be genuine, and also want exposure and be savvy enough to use the platform you’ve been given More people need to understand this!” commented another Twitter user.

Demi Burnett reportedly said most of the women on Peter Weber’s season aren’t here for him

Former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay recently said on the Bachelor Party podcast that Burnett told her she feels many of the women on Weber’s season aren’t there for him. Here’s what the former bachelorette said:

Demi was on our podcast and she said she’s never met so many girls who were there for the wrong reasons. Even outside of the date, she said, ‘These girls are so on. They know exactly what they’re doing, they’re makeup is on point, they know what to say, they know how to act.’ She said, ‘I never met a group of girls who were just clinging to me.’ Remember, she went to the house. [The women] were all like, ‘Demi, we’re such a big fan. Demi this, Demi that,’ as opposed to focusing on Peter.  

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