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Musician Demi Lovato has a new boyfriend — fellow artist, Jute$. The two met while collaborating on multiple songs off her latest album. Understandably, the former Disney star is “grateful” for the music that helped her make this connection. And clearly, the creatives have a lot in common.

Demi Lovato confirmed her relationship with musician Jute$

demi lovato boyfriend jute$
Demi Lovato (R) and Jute$ went to dinner on August 17, 2022, in New York City. | Gotham/GC Images

On August 17, 2022, ahead of the release of her album Holy Fvck, Lovato stepped out with Jute$ in New York City. As part of the rollout for the album and its accompanying Holy Fvck Tour, the musician made appearances on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning, America.

The album itself dropped on August 19, 2022. In her Instagram Story, Lovato shared a series of stories from Jute$, further confirming their romance as well as their musical partnership. After Jute$ noted he was “unbelievably proud” of his significant other’s “timeless album,” the singer replied, “Thank you so much baby!!!! I’m so grateful for the songs we created and soooo grateful you’re mine.”

Jute$ continued, noting he’s “obsessed” with one track he co-wrote, “Happy Ending.” “This day meant so much to me,” Lovato agreed. “I’m forever grateful for this song.” Jute$ also noted the pair met while working on the single “Substance.” “I was nervous af showing up to this session and left feeling more inspired than I have been since I can remember,” he wrote.

Who is Demi Lovato’s boyfriend, Jute$?

Like Lovato, Jute$ (real name Jordan Lutes) is a Canadian musician, writes Entertainment Tonight. He has released multiple EPs, including 2020’s Overrated. His latest track, “Hollywood Hillbilly,” is the first single off his upcoming album debuting in October. Jute$’s next single, “Out the Door,” drops on October 1, 2022.

The red-haired artist first revealed his connection with Lovato in July 2022, when “Substance” debuted. Calling it “one of my fav songs I’ve ever worked on,” Jute$ wrote on Instagram about the experience. “I remember thinking wtf am I supposed to do in a Demi Lovato session,” he questioned. “Only to show up and realize she was making one of the hardest rock projects I’ve ever heard.”

Demi Lovato and Jute$ have a lot in common


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In addition to working in the pop-punk scene, Demi Lovato and Jute$ have more in common than just their careers. Both are heavily tattooed artists with similar styles (at least, these days). And it’s easy to see why Lovato would want to collaborate with him, given Holy Fvck‘s tone. In October 2021, Jute$ released the music video for his song, “Funeral,” which featured a lot of religious allusions.

On top of working together, Lovato and Jute$ have each made a choice that makes them compatible as partners. As her fans know, Lovato has dealt with substance abuse in the past. She’s gone to treatment multiple times, including after her 2018 near-fatal overdose. Following a stint where she was “California Sober,” Lovato is officially sober as of 2022.

Jute$, meanwhile, shared that he embarked on a substance-free journey this year. “30 days sober,” he wrote on Instagram on May 18, 2022. “[The] longest I’ve gone since high school. Alcohol was my last remaining vice I used to deal [with] my anxiety and mental s***. Took me a minute to get here but doing my best to face s*** in a less harmful way these days.”