Will Demi Lovato’s Seventh Album Feature Another Duet With Christina Aguilera?

Starting with her 2020 Grammys performance, Demi Lovato has spent the year getting back into music. All of her new songs, including her collaboration with Sam Smith, “I’m Ready,” are doing well. Which has her fans (known as Lovatics) wondering — are there any other collaborations on the horizon?

Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards
Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards | Todd Williamson/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Before Smith (and now Travis Barker on the “I Love Me” remix), Lovato’s most recent duet was with Christina Aguilera. The two teamed up in 2018, but Lovatics have recently discovered that they may have another song in the works together. Here’s what we know.

Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera recorded ‘Fall in Line’

Lovato and Aguilera worked together on “Fall in Line,” the second single off Aguilera’s album Liberation. The collaboration was teased for months ahead of time and eventually released in May 2018. Lovato and Aguilera then met on the set of the music video, and a few days after the song debuted, they performed it at the Billboard Music Awards together.

A few months later, Lovato was hospitalized following an overdose. After some time spent out of the limelight, she cleared her Instagram, returning in November 2018. Her second Instagram post, a selfie, brought comments from Aguilera, who wrote, ‘I missed you so very much.” Two posts later, Lovato shared the announcement that “Fall in Line” was nominated for a Grammy.

Both are inspired by the other

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar in April 2020, Lovato talked about artists she looks up to. She cited Aguilera first, calling her “always always” someone who’s “inspired [Lovato] in the past.” Lovato was also at the opening of Aguilera’s Las Vegas residency in June 2019, calling her “a friend” and “the f*cking queen herself,” in an Instagram post.

Lovato being inspired by Aguilera, in turn, inspired Aguilera herself. She spilled to E! News about “an amazing story” Lovato had told her of when she attended a show during the singer’s 2006 tour. Aguilera said she loved hearing what “a big fan” of hers Lovato is, saying, “Having those moments, sharing stories like that and hearing them is truly what just keeps me going on my worst days.”

Did they write a song called ‘Fall in Love’ together?

Clearly, these two respect one another very much. And they’ve stayed in touch in the two years since “Fall in Line” was released. So will they work together again? Eagle-eyed fans believe that it’s likely.

A fan Twitter account, @dlcharts, noted on January 20, 2020, that a song called “Fall in Love” had been registered on the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) database. Christina Aguilera and Demitria Lovato (her birth name) are listed as writers, as is Audra Mae Butts, who co-wrote “Fall in Line.”

This is a difficult one to determine. On one hand, these two songs have different entries in the ACE Repertory (including International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC) and Work ID). And Lovato isn’t credited as a songwriter on “Fall in Line.” On the other hand, the titles are similar.

We’ll have to wait and see if this turns out to be anything. With Lovato putting out new music and teasing her seventh album, we’re hopeful that her second collaboration with Aguilera is on the way.