Demi Lovato’s Ex Wants to Date Olivia Rodrigo, and Fans Order Him to ‘Stay Away From Her!’

Demi Lovato recently debuted her new boyfriend, but fans were recently reminded of her ex-fiancé, Max Ehrich, when he decided to shoot his shot with Olivia Rodrigo. Here’s what happened and what fans are saying about Ehrich pursuing the significantly younger pop star after being engaged to Lovato. 

Side by side photos of Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich, and Olivia Rodrigo.
(L-R) Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich, and Olivia Rodrigo | Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Demi Lovato’s ex-fiance, Max Ehrich, expressed interest in Olivia Rodrigo

Max Ehrich is an actor, singer, and dancer best known for his brief engagement to Demi Lovato in 2020. But Lovato’s former fiancé recently expressed interest in another pop star – Olivia Rodrigo. 

Ehrich made his feelings known by commenting on Pop Crave’s Instagram post announcing that the “good 4 u” singer had broken up with her boyfriend, Zack Bia. In a since-deleted comment, Ehrich reportedly wrote, “my turn” (per Seventeen). After deleting the words, Ehrich later commented with a heart-eyes emoji. 

It’s worth noting that Rodrigo is 19 years old, while Ehrich is 31. 

Fans are outraged over Max Ehrich’s comment about Olivia Rodrigo 

Olivia Rodrigo fans shared their opinions about Ehrich’s bid to date the young pop star in a Reddit thread titled, “Max Ehrich says that it’s his turn to date Olivia Rodrigo.” None of them are happy about the actor’s comments about the “drivers license” singer.

Some fans referenced Ehrich’s relationship with Demi Lovato. “Demi releasing 17/29 and then him saying this is… something,” one fan wrote, referencing Lovato’s song “29” from their new album HOLY FVCK about their experience being groomed by a man 12 years older than them (the same age difference between Rodrigo and Ehrich). Another fan highlighted the age difference by writing, “And he’s 31 and she’s 19!!!!!!”

“You would think after the whole Demi relationship that he would stop trying to be relevant,” one fan wrote, while another said, “He’s pretty much the textbook definition of a clout chaser.”

“His turn? She’s a person not a f***ing toy. ?,” one fan wrote, “I don’t care if this is a ‘joke’ – it’s perpetuating the objectification of women, talking about a TEENAGER as if she’s a toy to be passed around like this is disgusting.”

And multiple fans wrote, “GET A JOB! STAY AWAY FROM HER!”

Demi Lovato did not have nice things to say about her actor ex after their breakup 

Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato’s relationship did not end well, as the singer has only made scathing comments about her ex-fiancé since they split. The former couple started dating in March 2020 and got engaged in July the same year. 

They broke up just a couple of months later, after fans uncovered Ehrich’s old tweets flirting with other celebrities. And in a 2010 tweet, he allegedly wrote (per Paper), “Hahaha selena gomez and Demi are cute together but boy if you think Demi is prettier.. you’re WRONG!”

After the breakup, Ehrich was photographed praying and crying on the beach where he proposed to Lovato. The pictures looked suspiciously staged, leading Lovato fans to mock the actor for attempting to extend his fifteen minutes of fame from dating the pop star. 

Lovato emphasized this with her 2021 song “15 Minutes.” “ You got fifteen minutes/Hope you enjoy your fifteen minutes,” they sang, and then, more pointedly, “Prayin’ in Malibu, prayin’ in Malibu/How could you, how could you?/Crying in Malibu.”

And in January, Lovato was asked to describe her relationship with Ehrich in an interview. She responded, “My vibrator’s better.”

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