Demi Moore Says Her Relationship With Ashton Kutcher Took Her Away ‘Emotionally’ From Her Kids

Demi Moore has three incredible daughters with her former husband, Bruce Willis. Her kids are Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. And although her relationship with her daughters is better than ever now, there was a point where her kids felt neglected by their superstar mother. This was especially evident when she was married to Ashton Kutcher. Keep reading to find out why.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher | Oxana Sazonova/GC/Getty Images

Demi Moore says she was ‘addicted’ to Ashton Kutcher during their marriage

“I was addicted to him,” she writes in her memoir, Inside Out. “And I did all the things that addicts do. I prioritized my addiction over my needs, and the needs of my family. I made strange, unconvincing justifications for my behavior- and his.”

Unfortunately, Moore’s obsession with Kutcher took a toll on her relationship with her kids.

“I had held the family together as a pillar,” she writes, “and the pillar was crumbling.”

Tallulah, Scout, and Rumer felt abandoned by Demi while she was with Ashton

While speaking during the Red Table Talk with the Smith family, Moore’s children opened up about how abandoned they felt with Moore. This was especially evident when she was married to the That ’70s Show star.

“So much of that time, especially with Ashton, I was so angry because I felt like something that was mine had been taken away,” said Rumer during the table talk. “When she wanted to have another baby, and then there was so much focus on that, it was like, ‘Oh, well we’re not enough.'”

“The addiction in the codependency, like my addiction to Ashton, that was probably almost devastating, because it took me seriously away emotionally,” Moore says, referring to her relationship with her daughters.

Her kids thoroughly seemed to agree with her statement, especially Tallulah, who lived with Kutcher and Moore at the time.

“Watching the behavior with Ashton, I felt very forgotten,” Tallulah admits.

She continues, claiming that she began to believe her mother didn’t love her during this period.

“I know that she does, one hundred percent, but in that moment, you’re hurt, and you can’t fathom that someone that loves you would do that to you and would choose others more than you.”

Demi Moore’s ‘addiction’ to Ashton Kutcher ultimately led to the couple’s divorce

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore | Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

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According to Moore’s memoir, she relied too heavily on Kutcher during their marriage. She looked to her former husband for happiness and security rather than finding it within herself. This codependency scared Kutcher and caused him to pull away. Soon enough, he was ignoring Moore completely. It got to the point where they were living like strangers. They stopped talking to each other and were no longer physically involved.

As Moore reveals, Kutcher had one foot out the door for a long time in their marriage. And even though they tried to seek help with a counselor, Kutcher was already “done.”

“Ashton didn’t really want to work on our relationship,” Moore writes. “He didn’t want us to have sex or to be physical at all anymore. He was done. I was still very much in our marriage, but I was in it alone now.”