Demi Moore Thought Bruce Willis Was ‘Kind of a Jerk’ When She First Met Him

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis shared a beautiful marriage from 1987-2000. And although they eventually made the decision to get divorced, they remain incredibly close to this day. But believe it or not, when Moore first met the man who would eventually become the father to her children, she thought he was “kind of a jerk.”

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore | Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are still good friends

Moore and Willis are the definition of ex-couple goals. They seem even closer now than they were when they were married, and according to Moore’s memoir, the two became “more connected” following their split.

Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore in 1989
Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore in 1989 | Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

On the actress’s social media accounts, she often posts pictures with Willis for “flashback Friday” and “throwback Thursday.” And following Moore’s recent birthday, Willis and his current wife Emma made a post via Entertainment Tonight to celebrate her special day.

The caption read, “Happy birthday Demi Moore! We adore you!”

In the picture, Willis and Emma can be seen wearing huge smiles as they hold up Moore’s recently published memoir.

And after she released the book, Willis called her up to tell his ex-wife how proud of her he was. According to Moore via HuffPost, the phone call got extremely “emotional,” where they both ended up crying.

“And I’m not a crier,” the actress adds. 

Demi Moore thought the ‘Die Hard’ actor was ‘kind of a jerk’ upon first meeting him

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis during "Bandits" Los Angeles Premiere
Demi Moore & Bruce Willis during “Bandits” Los Angeles Premiere | SGranitz/WireImage

Moore and Willis first met at the movie premiere of the 1987 film, Stakeout. And funnily enough, her first impression of the man who would become her husband was that he was “kind of a jerk.” She says that upon approaching him, he came across as a bit guarded and standoffish. Moore later found out this was because he was on a date with another woman that night. 

Yet as time went on, Willis became more and more focused on Demi. Abandoning his date, he instead placed all his focus on his soon-to-be wife.

“He’s all over you like a cheap suit in the rain,” Moore’s friend had told her that night.

And it was true. Willis couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She reveals in her memoir how much of a gentleman he was throughout the night.

Bruce Willis & Demi Moore
Bruce Willis kissing wife Demi Moore while working as a bartender at his restaurant | The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

“I’d never encountered treatment like this before,” she wrote. “Bruce was so gallant- in his own boisterous way, a real gentleman. When I said it was time for me to go home, he offered to walk me to my car. He was so eager about it- Like a little boy who didn’t want to miss the ice-cream truck. When he asked for my number, I felt a wave of schoolgirl flutters.”

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were amicable after their divorce

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore | Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

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Moore reveals in her memoir that she had been raised in a broken home. Her parents, who eventually divorced, would always fight over the kids and make them take sides. Moore and Willis wanted to create the most civil divorce possible for the sake of their three daughters.

“It’s a funny thing to say, but I’m very proud of our divorce,” Moore revealed. “I think Bruce was fearful at the beginning that I was going to make our split difficult, and that I would express my anger and whatever baggage that I had from our marriage by obstructing his access to the kids — that I’d turn to all of those ploys divorcing couples use as weapons. But I didn’t, and neither did he.”