Derick Dillard Claims He and Jill Duggar are Still Trying to ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ After ‘Counting On’ Ruined Their Lives

Derick Dillard is pulling out the big guns for 2020. The former Counting On star has been revealing a lot of shocking things about his wife, Jill Duggar’s, family. In his latest rant, Derick claims that he and Jill are still recovering after Counting On destroyed their lives. Here’s a look at everything Derick has to say about his controversial in-laws.

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, and their two kids, Israel and Samuel
Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, and their two kids, Israel and Samuel | Jill Dillard via Instagram

Derick Dillard starts a war

It is no secret that Derick is at odds with both Jim Bob Duggar and TLC. Over the past few months, Derick has complained about Jim Bob’s controlling ways and how the network used intimidation to keep him and Jill on the show.

The drama heated up when Derick Dillard claimed that Jim Bob is the only person who negotiates contracts with TLC. The comments were a huge shocker to fans, especially the notion that Jim Bob takes home most of the earnings from the show.

“@TLC has issues. They begged us not to quit filming, but then didn’t want to talk directly with us about why,” Derick wrote. “If money is all they care about, then it’s going to catch-up with them — you must care about ppl. All I’ve got to say is, they better lawyer-up b/c a storm is inevitable.”

The allegations probably did not go over well with Jim Bob, who has profited a lot from the family’s reality series over the years.

With 19 Kids and Counting getting canceled after Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, Counting On is the only thing Jim Bob has left — at last as far as television is concerned. Jim Bob has not said anything in response, but that has not stopped Derick from revealing more of the family’s secrets.

Did Jim Bob take all the money?

Taking things one step further, Derick Dillard recently claimed that he and Jill were told that TLC did not pay the Duggars for their time in front of the cameras.

Instead, they were led to believe that the series was a “ministry” opportunity and that the network only reimbursed the family for travel expenses.

Fans then asked Derick Dillard if there was a chance that he would ever appear on Counting On in the future. Derick bluntly answered that he would never return to the series unless things changed at the top.

He then added that filming was a complete nightmare and that they risked everything to appear on the show. He also said that he and Jill are still trying to get their lives in order, which is saying a lot considering it has been a few years since he left the series.

“The conditions we were filming under took us to the brink of sanity and could have easily destroyed our lives if we had continued that trajectory. We are now trying to pick up the pieces,” Derick explained.

Jill Duggar returns to ‘Counting On’

Despite Derick Dillard’s attitude towards Jim Bob and TLC, Jill recently appeared on an episode of Counting On.

Jill made a brief appearance to help Jessa Duggar give birth and only appeared in front of the camera for a few scenes. It is unclear what Derick thought of the cameo, though there is a good reason Jill agreed to return.

At the time of the birth, Michelle Duggar was attending a wedding and could not make it. As an experienced midwife, it was up to Jill to help her sister with the delivery.

But based on Derick Dillard’s recent comments, it is safe to say that Jill’s appearance on Counting On was a one-time thing. There is a slim chance that Jill will come on the show again, though you never know what might change in the future.

Derick Dillard comes up with a solution

In light of Derick’s issues with Jim Bob and TLC, he recently came up with an idea that would solve everyone’s issues.

Taking to social media, Derick Dillard told fans that TLC should give the Duggar children a show of their own. Given how Jim Bob seemingly controls everything about Counting On, including the money, Derick clearly thinks the series is more about him and Michelle than anyone else.

Derick left the show in the fall of 2017. His exit came weeks after he made some questionable remarks about the LGBTQ community on Twitter. Derick claims that he left the show on his own account, though sources say TLC fired him.

Jill Duggar followed Derick Dillard’s lead and left the series shortly after. Although she did enjoy a brief cameo in the current season, it does not sound like she will be making any other appearances in the near future.