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Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso may no longer be together but Braxton is still defending his character. Despite multiple reports and a reality show in which Adefeso appears controlling, Braxton says the public’s perception of Adefeso is untrue. She recently defended him against her former dream coach. 

David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton
David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton | Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for WE tv )

A recap of Tamar Braxton and David Adefes’s nasty split and restraining order filing

Braxton and Adefeso split after nearly two years together following some sort of domestic dispute on Aug. 30. Both accuse the other of physically attacking the other. Adefeso alleges Braxton has a history of verbally and physically abusing him.

In his restraining order request obtained by TMZ, Adefeso claims Braxton became violent while he was driving her to check into a mental health facility. Per Adefeso, Braxton hit him in his jugular and caused him to nearly lose control of the wheel. He also alleges there is audio and video proof of Braxton’s rage and that she caused $30,000 in damage to his Rolls Royce.

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Braxton’s team alleges she only became physical after Adefeso grabbed her aggressively. Sources say Braxton began questioning Adefeso’s intentions upon her discovery that he posted a video of him spending time with her son without her knowledge. 

She disputes Adefeso’s claim that video and audio prove she was the aggressor. Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee released photos of a bruise on Braxton’s arm that allegedly came from Adefeso.

Tamar Braxton defends David Adefeso on Twitter against a fan who suggests she rekindle her working relationship with her dream coach

Amid speculation that Braxton and Adefeso’s relationship was toxic, with many insiders alleging Adefeso was controlling, Braxton came to Adefeso’s defense…even against her own famous family.

Per Braxton, Adefeso was a supportive partner and a great stepfather to her son. She says that despite their nasty split, she does not want fans to take sides when they are unaware of the whole story.

Braxton also alleges her We TV spinoff series Get Ya Life paints Adfeso in an unfair light. During the show, Adefeso makes it clear that he is not in support of many of Braxton’s personal and business choices, one of which includes her working with a popular dream coach.

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The coach, Goli, and Braxton began working together for Braxton to reach her “highest potential.” But Adefeso is skeptical from the start and makes his feelings to Braxton and Goli known. He even suggests Goli’s practices are a form of witchcraft. 

Goli grows increasingly frustrated with Adefes’s interference and things come to a head during a birthday celebration for Adefeso, with Goli and Adefeso exchanging words. Braxton takes Adefeso’s side and says Goli’s behavior was disrespectful. Their dream work relationship ends as a result.

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Recently, a fan of Braxton’s suggest she start working with Goli again, noting she found the work they did together helpful for Braxton. But the singer disagrees, responding to the fan and defending Adefeso in the process.

“No we wasn’t. It was a whole scam that big back set up to bring drama,” Braxton replied in a screenshot captured by OMFG Reality TV. “I know y’all hate him [Adefeso]…And we STILL don’t talk but I thank God for David and his family. They saw right through it. Those people are evil & they WANTED David to look angry and controlling.”

Adefeso hasn’t made any public statements regarding Braxton since their split.