What Is Dewey From ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Doing Now?

With five boys coming in and out of this small home, the Malcolm in the Middle family is considerably chaotic. One of the main characters of the sitcom, Dewey, appeared for several episodes, sharing his love for music, animals, and explosives.

Did Erik Per Sullivan appear in any other television shows besides Malcolm in the Middle? Here’s what we know about the actor behind Dewey.

The 'Malcolm In The Middle' cast at the 53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
The ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ cast, including Erik Per Sullivan, at the 53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards | Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Who played Dewey in ‘Malcolm in the Middle’?

Malcolm might’ve been the genius of this family, but Dewey still showcased some talent with music, singing a solo as Abraham Lincoln and even teaching himself piano. For most episodes Malcolm in the Middle, Sullivan starred as the adorable and talented yet mischievous child, Dewey. 

“It really did feel like a family, especially with us kids [Justin Berfeild as Reece, Erik Per Sullivan as Dewey,]” Frankie Muniz said during an interview with Independent. “We spent more time together than we did with our real families.” 

“We’d be outside playing kick ball and sports and we’d be arguing, fighting, bickering and playing pranks on each other just like brothers would – so in that sense you really do become like a family,” he continued.

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What is ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ actor, Erik Per Sullivan, doing now?

While working on Malcolm in the Middle, Sullivan starred in the holiday film, Christmas With the Kranks, alongside Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. In 2002, he appeared in the film Unfaithful, as the character Charlie Sumner. 

In 2003, he even voice acted in the Disney and Pixar production Finding Nemo as Nemo’s friend Sheldon. Since acting in the sitcom, though, the actor appeared in two films, according to IMDb

That includes 2007’s Mo as the title character and the 2010 production, Twelve, as Timmy. Sullivan has not appeared in any television shows or movies since then. Additionally, there are no verified social media accounts for the actor. 

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Outside of the sitcom, several cast members appeared in television shows and movies, including the actor who portrayed Malcolm, Muniz. He had a cameo in Criminal Minds and the Harley Quinn series, as well as Preacher and The Clean

While working on Malcolm in the Middle, Muniz also voice acted for the Nickelodeon animated series, The Fairly OddParents, as Chester McBadbat.

Years after appearing as Hal in this comedy series, Bryan Cranston acted in the award-winning drama, Breaking Bad. In 2020, he first appeared in the crime television series Your Honor. He also had a role in the 2018 Wes Anderson film, Isle of Dogs, now available on Disney+.

Episodes of the sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle, are available for streaming on Hulu.