‘Dexter’ Reboot Has ‘Different Vibe’ From Original Series

For many television aficionados, Dexter is the gold standard of crime dramas. The series, which originally ran on Showtime, has been off the air for eight years now but remains as popular with fans as the day that it first debuted.

In late 2020, the fandom received exciting news when reports circulated regarding a Dexter reboot. For months, details were scarce — but now, as the premiere date approaches, fans are learning more about the reboot, with one of the show’s stars recently admitting that the show has a totally different “vibe” than the original series. 

How long did ‘Dexter’ run on television?

Michael C. Hall arrives at the Showtime Celebrates 8 Seasons Of "Dexter" at Milk Studios on June 15, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
Michael C. Hall | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Dexter premiered on Showtime in 2006. At the time, there was nothing like it on television, with a premise that many found truly disturbing.

The series focused on Dexter Morgan, a forensic technician who works for the Miami Metro Police Department by day — and conducts bloody serial murders by night, hunting down murderers who have managed to slip through the cracks of the justice system. With humor, violence, and intriguing storylines, Dexter quickly rose in the television ranks, becoming one of the most popular shows on television. 

The show received a slew of awards from critics, including two Golden Globes for the leading actor, Michael C. Hall. While some complained about the nature of the violence featured in the series, even more had good things to say about the series — and the way that it spotlighted a genre that had been too long neglected by network television. Ultimately, Dexter ran on TV until 2013, when the series finale aired. 

What do fans know about the ‘Dexter’ reboot?

In late 2020, after years of speculation and fan rumors, Showtime confirmed that many of the original stars, including Hall himself, would be returning for a Dexter reboot. In addition to Hall, actors like Clancy Brown and Julia Jones were listed as being featured in the reboot.

As far as the plot, title, and release date, details are scarce — however, the network has revealed that the show will feature Dexter Morgan as he lives out a brand-new existence as a lumberjack in Oregon, roughly 10 years after the original series finale.

Fans can expect to see the 10-episode limited series sometime in the fall of 2021. When the series does begin to air, however, viewers should expect a slightly different experience than what the original Dexter offered — at least, according to Jamie Chung, one of the reboot’s stars. 

Jamie Chung said that the ‘Dexter’ reboot has a ‘different vibe’ from the original


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In a recent interview with Chung, who is set to play a true-crime podcaster named Molly in the Dexter reboot, the actor revealed a few intriguing glimpses into what the series holds for fans.

“The original series happened over 10 years ago. So there’s certainly a different vibe of the way the actual show is shot in terms of the aesthetic,” Chung revealed. “I do think it’s a little darker. It takes place in upstate New York and as we know from the last season, Dexter’s hiding…I think it will certainly satisfy everyone’s appetite.”

The actress also admitted that showrunners are being cautious about releasing any details — so it seems likely that fans will have to wait a while to learn anything concrete about the upcoming revival. For now, however, there is plenty for the fans to discuss while they eagerly anticipate the next installment in the story of Dexter Morgan.