Diamond Jack of ‘Love Is Blind’ Blocks Carlton Morton From Instagram; Carlton Posts Public Apology Asking for Forgiveness

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton’s explosive breakup on Love Is Blind remains one of the most talked-about moments of the show. The two have tried to work past the hurt they experienced by attempting to rebuild a friendship but it failed after multiple public interviews, leaving Jack feeling she was slandered by Morton.

Jack spoke out recently and explained why she refuses to give Morton another chance and it was soon discovered by fans of the show that she even went as far as blocking her ex on Instagram. Morton has issued an apologizing asking for forgiveness and hoping fans would help him contact Jack.

Diamond Jack blocks Carlton Morton from Instagram and explains why she refuses to reconsider a friendship with him

Morton and Jack reunited for the first time since their breakup during the Love Is Blind reunion. Moore tearfully explained why he blew up in the manner that he did during their poolside chat, revealing that he’d had misplaced anger and feelings of judgment that he took out on her. Jack promised that she’d never intended to hurt Morton and simply wanted clarity on his sexuality. 

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They both agreed that their reactions could have been better and apologized. Morton even regifted Jack her engagement ring as a symbol of wanting to move forward with a friendship. Jack revealed to Entertainment Tonight that though she forgave Morton, she was not interested in rekindling any form of relationship at the moment. Morton said he understood Jack’s stance.

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Still, Jack explained to the Domenick Nati Show that Morton continued to disrespect her after their tearful reunion. 

Even though this happened a year and a half ago, let me remind you, I was able to forgive you then but then you go back and call me biphobic and homophobic slurs and just try to degrade me all over again and still talking about my appearance after the reunion, I’m just like no. I can’t be friends or even try to be in the same room with someone that shows me how they truly feel. You stab me in the back once, I’m not going to give you two, three more times to do that.

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After receiving such backlash online and growing tired of seeing Morton’s behavior, Jack blocked her ex-fiance from Instagram.

Carlton Jack issues a public apology to Diamond Jack and begs fans to help him get unblocked from Jack’s Instagram

Despite Jack’s insistence that she wants to be left alone and move on completely from Morton, he’s not giving up. After Jack posted a video that showed her participating in the popular “Don’t Rush” Instagram challenge, Morton took it as the opportunity to reach out to her once again via a public apology and called on fans to help him contact her.

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“I would tell my ex fiancée @iam_diamondjack how BEAUTIFUL she is in this #DontRushChallenge but she rushed to block me after the reunion. Can y’all help me get through to her,” he wrote in an Instagram post by sharing Jack’s video. “I miss you, beautiful. I’m sorry for being defensive and acting like a damn fool.”

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Morton didn’t stop at that post, he followed it up by making Jack his Woman Crush Wednesday, writing that he was “still crushing” on her. 

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After realizing that Jack more than likely will not give in to his requests, he posted a third photo of the two of them from their time on the show.

“I felt like with everything happening in the world, I should try my best to do more to attempt to gain forgiveness from my ex-fiancée,” he wrote. “This was a follow up from yesterday’s shoutout…Though I’d love to have a conversation with Diamond, I do not want to add anymore anxiety or stress to her. I love her enough to respect that trying to be her friend just isn’t what she wants.”

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Diamond Jack responds to Carlton Morton’s Instagram pleas

Jack caught wind of Morton’s posts and issued her own statement to her Instagram story, making it clear that she’s not interested in any form of relationship with him.

“Message: I find it very strange after 2 yrs from taping #LIB, I never received all this love/miss you messages until the show aired! Just Let that sink in,” she wrote as “Sorry” by Beyoncé played in the background. “After numerous times of forgiveness and apologies, I still had to deal w/ the disrespect on all platforms!”

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Jack is referring to Morton’s Instagram posts where he referred to her as biphobic and homophobic. He’s since deleted those posts. Jack says that Morton’s posts were after they’d made amends, which is why she’s standing firm in her decision to not give him yet another chance.