Diane Keaton Is Always Covered up to Protect Herself From Skin Cancer

Diane Keaton’s affinity for wearing scarves and hats doesn’t pertain to fashion alone. Her signature style is for protection after skin cancer. Ahead, find out more about Keaton’s history with skin cancer. 

Known for her roles in The Family Stone (2005), Father of the Bride (1991)The First Wives Club (1996), The Godfather franchise, Annie Hall — the 1977 Woody Allen film earned Keaton an Academy Award — among many others throughout her storied career, Keaton’s personal style is pragmatic and fashionable. In addition to sunscreen, she uses hats and scarves to reduce the risk of getting diagnosed with skin cancer. 

She first had skin cancer at 21 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, Keaton had skin cancer for the first time at the age of 21 and later in life she got diagnosed again with another form of the disease. Skin cancer runs in Keaton’s family so now she’s extra cautious however that hasn’t always been the case. 

Her brother and father both had cancerous spots on their skin removed and an aunt of Keaton’s had to have her nose removed as a result of skin cancer. Today, the actress doesn’t go anywhere without sunscreen and makes frequent visits to her doctor to make sure her skin doesn’t show any signs of skin cancer. 

Diane Keaton attends the premiere of 'Poms' on May 1, 2019
Diane Keaton attends the premiere of ‘Poms’ on May 1, 2019 | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Keaton didn’t ‘pay attention much’ to sun protection in her 20s

Despite being treated for skin cancer at the age of 21, Keaton said in a 2015 interview with the Los Angeles Times, she didn’t “pay attention much” to it.  

“Back in my 20s I didn’t pay attention much,” she said. “I didn’t research and didn’t really care and that was stupid because it’s dogged me my entire adult life, even recently,” the actress added before adding she didn’t begin sun care until her 40s. 

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter’s Pret-a-Reporter in May 2015 she said as a kid sun care “wasn’t even around or discussed” adding she might not “have had 20 skin cancers had I had sunscreen and took it seriously.”

She’s ‘always liked hats’ but says they do double duty

During a July 2019 interview with InStyle magazine, Keaton discussed her covered up style saying it’s how she feels most comfortable yet also keeps her skin safe from the sun. 

She styled her own outfits for the article’s accompanying photoshoot and when asked about her personal style called it “very protective.” 

“It hides a multitude of sins,” Keaton explained. “Flaws, anxiety—things like that. I would not feel comfortable in a short skirt or something cut off with my arms hanging out there. And I’ve always liked hats. They just frame a head. But, of course, nobody really thinks they’re as great as I do. And, you know, hats also protect you from the sun—I’ve had so many skin cancers.” 

Keaton has spoken out about her personal experience with skin cancer during interviews and she’s been the face of the cosmetic brand L’Oréal since 2006 regularly highlighting the importance of sunscreen. 

So, next time Keaton’s at an event with her signature hat and covered up style, know it’s in part because of fashion but also because of her health.