‘Diary of a Future President’ Episode 3 Recap — ‘Disaster Relief’

Everybody has their raisin. (That’s their reason for being.) Bobby has his tennis, Gabi has her two kids. Unfortunately, Elena is having a difficult time finding hers. Here’s what you might’ve missed during the “Disaster Relief” episode of Diary of a Future President.

This article contains major spoilers from the third episode of Diary of a Future President. Read at your own risk!

Elena finds out she doesn’t have a ‘raisin’

With the whole Sam-grief-donuts fiasco behind her, Elena is beginning another school day when she notices her best friend working on her advice column. She spends a lot of time doing that, Elena says. Well, that’s because it’s her raisin, Sasha explains. AKA her reason for being. Everyone has their raisin, some people dance while others play football and it gets Elena thinking… what’s her raisin? 

One answer comes to her in the next class when her teacher asks for a volunteer to help monitor hurricanes. Elena and another boy both volunteer and to decide who gets the position, the teacher has them both give a speech at an upcoming assembly. 

Meanwhile, Elena’s brother, Bobby, gets a message from Monyca with a “y.” Bobby’s friend says she wants to meet behind the dumpsters and everyone knows that’s where people go to “Miami Second Base.” What that means, exactly, Bobby has no idea. 

Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, and Selenis Leyva of Disney+'s 'Diary Of A Future President'
Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, and Selenis Leyva of Disney+’s ‘Diary Of A Future President’ | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Gabi and Sam plan to go on a romantic date night with just the two of them 

Sure, Sam comes over for breakfast and they have their special lunch dates. Now, Sam says, he wants to take Gabi on a proper first date. He asks Gabi to dinner and she says yes, even though she’s worried about leaving the kids alone. 

Gabi’s friend goes home with her to help her get ready and she notices that her white bra strap is clearly visible. She goes looking for her black bra and finds it in Bobby’s room, on a pillow, where he’s practicing (and practically guessing,) what happens during “Miami Second Base.” She goes into the kitchen and asks Sam if they can postpone until tomorrow so she can have “the talk” will Bobby. For the fourth time. Sam is reluctant, but understanding. 

Sam and Gabi postpone their dinner date 

It’s the day of the assembly and Elena gives a moving speech, complete with a personal story and a little joke, courtesy of Sam. The second student gives a less-than-enthusiastic speech but, because he’s popular and plays football, he gets more applause. He will be the hurricane watch student. 

Just then, Bobby and Monyca get up from the assembly and meet behind the dumpster. A little lost and scared, Bobby asks her about “Miami Second Base” and she’s completely confused. She tells Bobby that the only reason she wanted to talk by the dumpster is that she wanted a quiet place to tell Bobby she likes him. Relieved, he says he likes her too, and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Back at home, Elena is a little upset that she didn’t find her raisin and, after telling her mom about it, Gabi invites her on her dinner date with Sam. As they’re walking out the door, Monyca shows up and there’s no way that she’s leaving the two of them alone. Dinner for two quickly becomes dinner for five. 

When Gabi asks Sam later if that’s okay, he says it’s honestly a lot to consider. He didn’t have any kids with his last marriage so he’s not exactly ready for that. But Gabi says that Elena and Bobby are her “raisins,” and a big part of her life so, they kind of break up.

Back at school, Elena is sitting in homeroom, suffering through the morning announcements, when she gets an idea. The perfect raisin for her. She takes over the morning announcement show, even giving Ryan and the hurricane watch its time to shine. 

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