‘Diary of a Future President’ Episode 1 Recap — ‘Hello World’

Middle school isn’t easy, but it does help shape us into the adults. That is especially true of 12-year-old Elena Cañero-Reed, who is navigating middle school, boys, friends, and her family. (But she does grow up to be the president, so it can’t be all bad!) Here’s what you might’ve missed during the “Hello World” episode of Diary of a Future President.

This article contains major spoilers from the first episode of Diary of a Future President. Read at your own risk!

Tess Romero and Gina Rodriguez of 'Diary of a Future President'
Tess Romero and Gina Rodriguez of ‘Diary of a Future President’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Fans first meet Elena on one of her first days in the White House

There’s a high priority package traveling to the president. After being a civil rights attorney, congresswoman, and activist for education, Elena Cañero-Reed is ready to be the next president of the United States — but not without a reminder from her mom about where she came from. The package holds Elena’s diary from middle school and she starts to read it.

It’s then that viewers learn what it was like for Elena in middle school. She lived with her mom, Gabi Cañero-Reed, and her older brother who is a bit private. Still, Elena is very focused on her education and her family. While she’s getting dropped off for school, Elena sees her former best friend Jessica. Not Jessie, Jessica. And she has a new best friend, named Melissa.

In homeroom, Elena finds out something about her World War II presentation

Although things may be complicated with Jessica, Sasha is a true best friend. The two are giggling about boys when they overhear Melissa and Jessica talking about their periods. They’re interrupted by the cute boy, Joey, who asks about the World War II presentation. Elena likes that he’s getting a head start, but then she realizes it’s actually due today. It’s a disaster.

Back with Elena’s mother, she’s dating a new guy named Sam, and she’s worried about telling her kids. It’s been a few days since her husband died, but she’s worried it might be too soon. Just then, the phone rings and it’s Elena, asking to transfer schools. When her mom obviously says no, Elena heads to the bathroom, where she hears Jessica and Melissa bragging about their periods again.

Once Melissa leaves, Elena notices that Jessica didn’t throw out her wrapper thing. She lied about having her period! Just like she lied about being Elena’s best friend! The two confront each other and Jessica asks Elena not to tell and, of course, she doesn’t. Meanwhile, Elena’s mom takes Sam home for lunch and they kiss in the kitchen, just as Elena’s brother walks in. Thankfully, he’s pretty relaxed about it.

Michael Weaver, Ilana Pena, Tess Romero, Agnes Chu, Gina Rodriguez, and Charlie Bushnell attend the Premiere Of Disney +'s "Diary Of A Future President"
Michael Weaver, Ilana Pena, Tess Romero, Agnes Chu, Gina Rodriguez, and Charlie Bushnell attend the Premiere Of Disney +’s “Diary Of A Future President” | Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

There are plenty of curveballs in Elena’s life

It’s finally time for Elena’s presentation. She decides to talk about the Allies and Axis powers. Because they rose above their differences, the Allies eventually defeated the Axis powers. After class, Jessica stands up for Elena and Sasha. Could Jessica be an ally for Elena? She runs home and starts writing in her diary.

Elena’s mom is still downstairs with Sam and decides that maybe he should meet Elena another time. He says that’s fine and as they’re kissing goodbye, Elena walks into the living room and sees. How will Elena handle this news? Is she ready for life’s new curveball? Fans will just have to wait until the next episode premieres on this streaming platform.

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