‘Diary of a Future President’ Episode 7 Recap — ‘Foreign Relations’

Elena has been counting down the days to the middle school dance since Kindergarten. Literally. But when she finds out her super-cute crush is only interested in eighth-grade girls, Elena has to prove she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get his attention. Here’s what you might’ve missed during the “Foreign Relations” episode of Diary of a Future President.

This article contains major spoilers from the seventh episode of Diary of a Future President. Read at your own risk!

The middle school dance is right around the corner

At Orange Bay Middle, the dance is just days away and Elena can’t keep her mind off of Joey. He’s been tapping on her shoulder since Kindergarten and when she thinks the moment finally came for him to ask her, he just asks her another math question. Then, Elena overhears Joey talking to his friend and he says he’s into eighth-grade girls. 

Is poor sixth-grade Elena doomed to never hang out with her crush? Sasha supports Elena, but she’s got bigger things on her mind. She entered that poetry contest at the mall and is a finalist, but that means she has to speak in front of a large group of people. Don’t worry, Elena reassures her, she’ll help her become a regular Maya Angelou.

Meanwhile, Gabi wakes up feeling, for the first time ever, happy with her relationship. She calls her friend and says that after years of hoarding it away, she’s ready to get rid of her late husband’s “junk.” That afternoon, she takes it to get donated when the volunteer hands her a picture that was thrown in with the pile. The emotions overwhelm Gabi and she ends up climbing into the pile to get it all back.

Bobby and Liam are competing in a tennis match together

Elena’s brother is chill about a lot of things, but he’s not exactly chill about this tennis tournament. It’s at Jupiter, and with Liam as his doubles partner, he’s ready to win. Unfortunately, the two get locked in a room (again) after Liam goes to find another racket. 

In class, Elena is learning about Darwinism and gets inspired. She thinks that if she can look, walk, talk, and act like an eighth-grader, maybe Joey will notice her. In fact, she’s so busy trying to figure out how eighth-grade girls act in the wild that she forgot she promised Sasha she’d help her with her poem. Sasha is rereading in the bathroom when Jessica walks in and is surprisingly supportive. She even lets Sasha borrow her lip gloss.

The tournament is still going on and Bobby and Liam are still stuck in their room. While Bobby is kind of annoyed, Liam tries to calm him down with some games. He even makes Bobby trophy out of a tennis ball to help him feel better about missing their tennis matches. Bobby thanks him and their knees touch.

Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, and Selenis Leyva of "Diary Of A Future President"
Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, and Selenis Leyva of “Diary Of A Future President” | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Elena tries out her new eighth-grade girl look

Covered in glitter and wearing new platform shoes, Elena is on her way to see Joey when she trips and falls. An eighth-grade girl helps her and reassures Elena that boys are always going to chase after older girls, no matter the age. Brushing off her body glitter, Elena decides to just be herself and ask Joey. He tells her that he actually is going with a group of guys… but he’ll see her there. He’ll see her there! That’s a win in Elena’s book.

But, because Elena was so preoccupied with Joey, she missed out on Sasha’s poetry reading. When Sasha’s presenting her poem to the mall, she looks out and sees Elena’s chair is empty. Thankfully, Jessie is standing in the back and Sasha finds the strength to read in front of the crowd — and win.

While the family is all relaxed on the sofa, Gabi even leaning on Sam, Elena has a realization — Sasha! She completely forgot about the poetry reading and as a result, her best friend is out getting spicy mocha blend whips with Jessica. Or is it Jessie now? Viewers will have to wait to see.

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