‘Diary of a Future President’ Episode 8 Recap — Matters of Diplomacy

Anything can happen at a middle school dance. Elena could dance with her crush, Bobby could pull a prank with Liam and the rest of the gang. Still, there are a few roadblocks standing in their way. (Elena’s “mustache” being a big one.) Here’s what you might’ve missed during the “Matters of Diplomacy” episode of Diary of a Future President.

This article contains major spoilers from the eighth episode of Diary of a Future President. Read at your own risk!

Elena and Bobby are getting ready for the middle school dance

It’s only a matter of hours before the middle school dance and Bobby and Elena are getting ready in the bathroom together. Elena’s super excited about seeing Joey. Bobby is a little distracted, catching glances at the tennis ball trophy that Liam made him. 

Bobby makes an off-hand comment to Elena, saying she has a mustache and, in true Elena fashion, she freaks out. Meanwhile, Gabi is on the phone with her mother, while looking at the picture of her husband. She hears Sam downstairs and invites him to dinner with her mother. What could go wrong?

Bobby’s hanging out, playing video games with the boys, when he asks if they’re going to the dance. They all ask why and Bobby quickly recovers, saying it’d be cool if they’d do a prank there or something. Liam agrees and they make plans to all go together. (Yay!)

Ilana Peña, Selenis Leyva, Gina Rodriguez, Tess Romero, Michael Weaver, and Charlie Bushnell of Disney+'s "Diary Of A Future President"
Ilana Peña, Selenis Leyva, Gina Rodriguez, Tess Romero, Michael Weaver, and Charlie Bushnell of Disney+’s “Diary Of A Future President” | Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Sasha and Jessie are now friends

Elena is totally freaking out about her mustache, so she tries tweezing it. Big mistake. She invites Belinda over and tries to bleach it. Huge mistake. She calls Sasha in a freezy, saying she needs her help, like now, but Sasha lies and says she has an orthodontist appointment. Really, she’s getting ready with Jessie.

She ends up going to her mom and they go together to get it waxed. It’s a little red, but the woman reassures her that it’ll be normal in an hour. Probably. Bobby, on the other hand, is killing time in one of the chairs in the salon. One of the hairdressers approaches him and starts fixing Bobby’s hair and Bobby notices a picture of the hairdresser and his partner on the mirror. He smiles.

It’s almost time for the dance and Elena now has a black line on her upper lip. While her grandmother offers to cover it with makeup, Elena decides she’s just gonna own it. She and Bobby head to the school.

At the dance, Bobby and the boys are planning their whale-song-prank plan. Bobby’s job is to grab the DJ’s laptop. And uh, Liam will be his lookout. Liam reassures Bobby that he’s got his back. And he likes his haircut! 

Bobby wants to do this prank with Liam

Back at the house, Gabi and her mother are getting ready to cook. Just then, Sam walks in with Gabi’s entire family. He seems to be getting along well with everyone, but Gabi is still flustered. She ends up spilling something on her sweater and heads to her room. 

Sam follows Gabi to the room and she confesses that she’s still thinking about her husband. She loves Sam, really, but she just wants to take things slow. Sam says that there are two people in their relationship and it doesn’t feel like Gabi is all in. The two decide to take a break and he leaves. 

There’s a slow song playing at the dance. This is it. Just as Elena is about to ask Joey to dance, he walks away and she sees Sasha and Jessie walking in together. Elena pulls Sasha aside and asked what’s going on. Sasha tells her everything. 

Elena is never there for her! Sasha had something really important to her and Elena didn’t even show up. She didn’t even apologize without talking about herself. Jessie comes to pull Sasha away and tells Elena she’s got a little something under her nose. She’s owning it, Elena tells them. She walks away disappointed and hurt.

Because it’s a slow song, it’s time for the prank. Bobby tries to find Liam and he sees him dancing with some random girl. He’s a little hurt and tries to pull Liam away. They end up fighting and Bobby gets thrown out of the dance. He finds Elena sitting outside on the curb and the two sit together. Anything really can happen at the dance.

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