‘Diary of a Future President’ Episode 9 Recap — ‘The State of the Union’

Everyone seems to be running away from their problems. Gabi is scared to talk to Sam. Bobby is scared to talk to Monyca. Elena is really scared her and Sasha won’t be best friends forever anymore. Here’s what you might’ve missed on the latest episode of the Disney+ series, Diary of a Future President, titled “State of the Union.”

This article contains major spoilers from the ninth episode of Diary of a Future President. Read at your own risk!

Elena is going on a class trip to Tallahassee

It’s finally time. After literal years of waiting, it’s time for Elena to go on the 6th grade trip to the state capital, Tallahassee. She and Sasha aren’t exactly talking but they have plans to be roommates, so Elena is sure Sasha will apologize. Elena finishes packing her back and heads downstairs, where her mom is making breakfast. 

Elena and Bobby both ask where Sam is, (they’re surely missing the early morning “sambled eggs.”) Gabi lies and says Sam is really busy on a case. She also makes sure Bobby won’t get in any more fights before giving him his phone back.

In homeroom, the teacher is reading out who the roommates are and Melissa is quick to abandon Jessica. Jessica then decides to ask if Sasha could be her roommate and Sasha reluctantly agrees. Elena feels betrayed, yet again, and calls her mom under the cafeteria table after skipping the bus.

Gabi and Sam are still broken up

Back at school, Monyca finally has a chance to talk to Bobby about what happened at the dance. What’s going on with him, she asks. It seems like he cares more about Liam than his own girlfriend. What, Bobby said. That’s ridiculous, in fact, he loves her! And he’ll prove it by taking her on a date. Monyca just kind of shrugs and agrees.

Elena calls her mother in a panic, asking her to pick her up. Just then Sam walks into Gabi’s office and to get out of talking to him, she tells Elena she’ll drive her the full seven hours to Tallahassee. She asks her co-worker, Camila, to pick up Bobby and take him to her house. 

Then begins their long, and awkward car ride. Elena doesn’t really want to talk, but Gabi has a bunch of CDs to pass the time, even one road trip playlist made by her father. She puts it in and the “Piña Colada” song starts playing. Just as they’re in the middle of the chorus, the CD starts skipping. 

Camila takes Bobby back to her apartment 

Bobby and Camila are hanging out in her apartment when Bobby says he got in a fight with Liam. Almost instantly, she’s a little suspicious. She tells her partner, Danielle, about Bobby’s moment with Liam. Maybe he just needs a safe space to talk about it. They settle in for a day of video games and then Camila starts dropping some serious hints. They could watch RuPaul’s Drag Race! Or a documentary about a tennis player. 

Bobby just kind of brushes it off and when he comes back Camila and Danielle are putting together their second bed. Danielle shares that Camila’s family doesn’t know that they’re together, but it’s a process, and she respects that she’s taking her time. Something clicks with Bobby. It’s chill.

Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, and Selenis Leyva arrive at the Disney +'s "Diary Of A Future President"
Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, and Selenis Leyva arrive at the Disney +’s “Diary Of A Future President” | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Gabi and Elena are on the road to Elena’s field trip

After “indulging” Elena’s silence for a few hours, Gabi asks Elena why she didn’t go on the trip. It’s all Sasha’s fault. She doesn’t want to apologize for totally betraying Elena. Her mom says that sometimes, you have to be the one to stop avoiding conflict and do something scary. Elena jumps at the opportunity, saying that eating alligator would be something scary. 

Gabi turns the car around and they stop for a bite to eat. Of course, it’s gross, but they’re still having a fun time together. It’s while they’re on the side of the road that Elena finds out her mom broke up with Sam. She’s avoiding him. Just like Elena was avoiding Sasha! Another betrayal!

Back with Bobby, the middle schooler keeps his date with Monyca. He decides to be honest with her and says they should break up. Monyca implies that she knows about Liam, but is super supportive of Bobby’s “process.” The two walk away laughing. (We stan.)

Gabi and Elena get back in the car and even though Elena is mad, the Piña Colada song comes on the radio. The two end up singing along and enjoying the rest of the road trip to Tallahassee. As Elena is getting out of the car, Gabi decides to call Sam. And, finally, Elena faces Sasha and apologizes for not being there for her. Looks like they will be best friends forever after all.

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