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It’s almost the end of sixth grade for Elena and she’s excited to spend the day in Tallahassee. (It’s practically Georgia!) Even though this may be the season 1 finale, there’s plenty of happy endings for the Cañero-Reeds. Here’s what you might’ve missed during the “Two Party System” episode of Diary of a Future President.

This article contains major spoilers from the finale of Diary of a Future President. Read at your own risk!

Ilana Peña, Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, Selenis Leyva, and Michael Weaver of Disney+'s "Diary Of A Future President"
Ilana Peña, Tess Romero, Charlie Bushnell, Selenis Leyva, and Michael Weaver of Disney+’s “Diary Of A Future President” | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Elena and Sasha are planning a party at ‘Club 204’

Now that these are girls are BFFs again, they’re excited to spend the day in Florida’s capital. Sasha even tells Elena that she’s planning a party with Jessie. And it’s not even someone’s birthday!

Bobby, who’s still at home, is planning to talk to Liam. He wants to be honest, but nothing about what he wants to say is chill. After rehearsing in the bathroom for a bit, he sends Liam a text, asking to talk. 

Meanwhile, Gabi and Camila are gabbing at work. Cami tries to tell Gabi to give Sam a second chance, but she kind of snaps at her. Later, Sam comes into her office and asks to go to her house and pick up his stuff. That’s fine, Gabi says, he should just go by now because no one’s home.

Gabi is having some second thoughts about breaking up with Sam 

Elena, Jessie, and Sasha are going to a meeting with senators when they’re stopped by “the Brits” and Melissa. Melissa asks if their party is going to be “invite-only” and Jessie is quick to respond yes. That’s not that they agreed to, though, Elena says.

They go into the meeting and Elena is almost immediately inspired by one senator, who advocates for inclusivity in education. Elena thinks: if she can be a leader, then so could I. She and Sasha plan to have their own party in Elena’s room and everyone is invited. 

Bobby texts Liam, asking to meet up

Sam goes into Gabi’s house to find Bobby at home, pacing the living room. Bobby opens up a little bit, telling Sam that he has feelings for “someone.” Sam makes him feel a lot better, and Bobby ends up confirming his meet up with Liam.

So, Bobby goes back to school and sits down with Liam. He apologizes for fighting and when Liam asks him why they fought in the first place, Bobby says that he’s really confused… about tennis next year. Liam reassures him that it’s going to be fine, but Bobby’s a little defeated that he didn’t tell Liam how he feels.

While Elena is in the bathroom, she runs into the senator from the meeting. She’s a little starstruck but tells her that she’s kind of fighting the same fight. The senator signs an autograph for Elena, telling her that they need more leaders like her in the world. 

That night, her party is a complete success! Even the Brits pay a visit to room 206. When Sasha goes back to her room to find the rules for a party game, she finds Jessie alone, crying. Even though Elena is tempted to share a beverage with her crush, Joey, she goes into 204 to talk to Jessica. 

Elena starts her fight for inclusivity

Jessie isn’t crying, she says. She just had eyeliner in her eye. Elena sees right through that and tells her to come to their party. That’s humiliating, Jessie says. But don’t worry. Elena has a plan. (She spoils her own party by having a teacher break it up. Jessie ends up saving the day by inviting everyone to her room.)

Meanwhile, Gabi comes home and Bobby confesses that he missed a class. She asks him what’s going on and he says it’s “guy stuff,” but Sam helped him a lot. That must be hard, Gabi asks. Like Sam is replacing Bobby’s dad? Bobby reassures her that it’s a separate thing. In his video game, to level up, you need both old gills and new gills to breathe twice as much oxygen. It’s kind of like that.

Gabi then invites Sam back, saying that she still loves Robert, but she loves him, too. And she’s all in. They kiss. Later, they gather around the table as a family of four celebrating the end of a school year and the beginning of a new chapter in Elena’s diary. After all, Elena’s going into seventh grade. What’s the worst that can happen?

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