Did ‘Bewitched’ Star Elizabeth Montgomery Date Elvis Presley?

At the height of her stardom, Elizabeth Montgomery had it all. A successful career as a television sitcom star, beauty, and an undeniable charm that many famous men reportedly fell victim to.

As one of the most desirable women in Hollywood, the Bewitched star had cast spells on several A-list men in the entertainment industry — including the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley. But did the two stars ever date?

Elizabeth Montgomery
Elizabeth Montgomery | Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Elizabeth Montgomery ‘bewitched’ many men throughout her career

In the classic TV sitcom Bewitched, Montgomery portrayed the enchanting Samantha Stephens, a beautiful witch who could get anything she desired with just a magical twitch of her nose.

But off-screen, Montgomery struggled to find happiness in life as she ran through four tumultuous marriages and ‘bewitched’ one well-known man after another.

According to author Herbie Pilato, who wrote the biography Twitch Upon A Star, Montgomery often set her sights on older men and troubled lovers as she suffered from a “father complex,” or as some call it today, “daddy issues.”

Elizabeth and Robert Montgomery
Elizabeth and Robert Montgomery | Archive Photos/Getty Images

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“She enchanted every man she ever met,” Pilato revealed, according to the Daily Mail. “But she seemed drawn to troubled men, not nice guys. She was always looking for the ‘bad boy,’ which may have been part of her rebellion against her father.”

Montgomery’s father was film actor Robert Montgomery. According to reports, he allegedly never wanted her to get into acting. Though Montgomery made her acting debut in his television series Robert Montgomery Presents, the starlet’s father wanted her to have a “normal” life and disapproved of her pursuing a career in show business.

This ultimately put a strain on the duo’s relationship.

“[Her father] didn’t want her to become an actress and that sparked the beginning of her resentment,” Pilato shared. “He was her toughest critic as an actress and was very hard on her personal life too, from the way she walked and her posture to her penchant for older men. He was horrified. He thought she was trying to replace him with all her older lovers.”

Elizabeth Montgomery met Elvis Presley on the set of ‘Kid Galahad’

A few of the older men Montgomery found herself linked to were notable figures such as John F. Kennedy, Dean Martin, and Gary Cooper.

She was also tied to superstar Elvis Presley in the early ’60s.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

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According to reports, Montgomery fell for the “Hound Dog” singer on the set of the 1962 film, Kid Galahad. Though she wasn’t part of the project, Montgomery would stop by the set often to visit her then-husband, Gig Young, who starred opposite of Presley in the movie.

During her visits, Montgomery and Presley would allegedly flirt with each other, which didn’t sit too well with Young.

“Elvis Presley was closer to her age when they co-starred in Kid Galahad, but he wanted her,” Pilato revealed in his book. “Her much older husband got upset when he saw Elvis flirting with her on set but Presley called him an ***hole.”

Did Elizabeth Montgomery and Elvis Presley date?

Although both Presley and Montgomery were notorious flirts, it was never revealed whether or not they actually dated.

But even if they did, their relationship would have been short-lived as Montgomery married director-producer William Asher in 1963, a year after Kid Galahad was released.

Though we’re pretty sure the relationship between Montgomery and Presley remained platonic, we can’t deny that the two would have been a powerhouse couple had they given a romance a try.