Did Captain Lee and Rhylee Gerber from ‘Below Deck’ Throw Down on Twitter?

Ross Inia and Rhylee Gerber | Rhylee Gerber Instagram

During Below Deck, Rhylee Gerber felt that maybe she had an ally in new third stew Laura Betancourt. Like her, Betancourt threw down the gauntlet with her superior. Betancourt just delivered her now-infamous “check yourself” soliloquy to chief stew Kate Chastain. The speech left Chastain both speechless and fuming.

Betancourt ended up getting sent to the wheelhouse for a sitdown with Captain Lee Rosbach. But she endeared herself to Gerber. Because at the same time, Gerber continued to try to navigate her way through the testosterone-infused waters of the all-male deckhand club. An once again, she couldn’t hold back getting into an altercation with bosun Ross Inia either.

This altercation seemed to resolve itself well

Meanwhile, during the episode, several cast members were live tweeting. Chastain actually found humor in her situation with Betancourt and tweeted, “When @LauraBelowdeck reacted with a deserved laugh after I told her to “checklist herself”, my respect for her skyrocketed.” And Rosbach agreed. “Mine as well. You did yourself proud @LauraBelowdeck.”

Of course, Chastain had other funny tweets about the encounter. “after much consideration and self reflection I’ve decided to check myself… into the nearest 5 star hotel in Tahiti where no one is screaming in my face. ***what I was thinking when I went to Captain Lee and told him I’d be happy to quit.” And cleverly wove a Captain Lee-ism into this tweet, “My ass always cashes the checks my mouth writes. And that’s how I check myself.”

But not so much for Gerber

While the cast found humor in Betancourt and Chastain’s exchange, Gerber and Rosbach went at it on Twitter. Rosbach launched a tweet calling both crew members out. “Sorey Laura, but her doing your job is not her job. Really, and @rhylee_gerber you stating that @Kate_Chastain is bitchy is like the pot calling the kettle black. Really?”

Gerber immediately clapped back. “Oh, you’re saying she isn’t?!? Lord Capt…let’s be real!” And Rosbach wasn’t about to just leave the comment alone. “@rhylee_gerber is this a conversation you really want to have. You have brought a knife to a gun fight. Sorry, oh, did I misspell that? Who have you not been bitchy with? Myself excluded.”

And Chastain also gets involved

Gerber seemed insistent on taking Rosbach to task on the issue. “Sure, I’ll ask again…you’re saying kate isn’t prone to being bitchy?!??” It was at that point where Chastain chimed in, “I’m certainly as bitchy as this tweet is.”

Seeing the thread was going nowhere, Rosbach offered Gerber some advice. “I am not going to tweet what I had previously written, so I would like you to reconsider the path that you are going down. Just a bit of advice. Take it, don’t take it. But it’s not going to yield what you desire.”

But Chastain took the thread and ran. “Rhylee I think your phone must have autocorrected when you typed “boss bitch.” I hate it when that happens too.” Chastain previously tweeted about dealing with auto correct. Plus she added this funny tweet, “Tyler is a self proclaimed Adrenalin junky that loves doing things that put his life at risk so making out with another girl in front of Rhylee actually makes perfect sense.” Boom.

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