‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Did Cristina Yang Ever Have a Healthy Relationship?

When Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) leaves Grey’s Anatomy in season 10, fans ugly cry. Many viewers believe her departure is harder to watch than the death of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). So, it’s not surprising that fans still talk about Cristina’s time on the show. The latest debate is over whether she ever had a healthy relationship. Let’s take a look at what fans are saying.

Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang
Cristina Yang | Bob D’Amico/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Did Cristina Yang and Preston Burke have a healthy relationship on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? 

During the first season of Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina begins dating Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington). Early on in the season, Burke breaks off the relationship because he does not want it to ruin their reputations. When Cristina has a miscarriage, the two get back together. 

“Burke literally never considers what Cristina wants,” wrote one Reddit user. “When Cristina wants the relationship kept private, he makes it public without her okay. When they get engaged and she wants to tell Meredith before anyone else knows, he almost immediately goes and tells other people. When she says she wants something small, secular, in a courthouse, he gets into planning a big extravagant church wedding.”

The pair are engaged and plan a wedding in under one year. On the day of their marriage, Burke and Cristina have a talk that does not end well. The bride remarks that she “thought this was what she wanted,” however, that is not good enough for Burke. He wants her to “know” that she wants to be with him. He promptly leaves the church, packs up his things, and moves out. 

“Their relationship wasn’t healthy at all,” added concluded the fan. “It was pretty clear from the beginning that Burke held all the power.”

Did Cristina and Owen Hunt have a healthy relationship on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Cristina is immediately attracted to Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) when he makes a guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy. Later, when he returns from Iraq, he and Cristina begin a relationship—only for it to end when he strangles her in his sleep. He does go to therapy sessions for his PTSD and eventually rekindles the relationship with Cristina. 

The pair break-up yet again when Teddy Altman (Kim Raver)—and old army friend of Owen’ s—comes to work at the hospital, sparking jealousy issues. 

Cristina restores their relationship when Owen is unexpectedly shot during a shooting in the hospital. The two get married suddenly, and Cristina’s friends believe Owen is taking advantage of her due to the PTSD she has from the shooting. 

“I hated his whole army personality thing,” wrote one fan about Owen. “I also felt like he was super manipulative in his relationship with Cristina.”

Cristina gets pregnant shortly after the shooting but desires to have an abortion. Owen does not agree with her decision and tries to bully her into keeping the baby. Fans find the abortion fight to be one of Owen’s worst moments.

“I think Owen is very similar to Burke,” added another Redditor. “He loved his idea of Cristina but didn’t love her.”

Fans feel that Cristina’s relationship with Owen and the one with Burke were both destructive.

Cristina did have a healthy relationship with this one person on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Fans will agree that throughout Cristina’s 10 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was her only thriving relationship. They have each other’s backs, no matter what the situation. 

“Although I love Meredith and Christina’s practically perfect friendship, I think it was necessary for them to have some struggles with each other in season 10,” wrote one viewer on Reddit. “I think it made their friendship more realistic and relatable to the audience because we all know what it’s like to have a little competition and disagreements with close friends. Plus, afterward, they were just as close if not closer than they were before.”

The two go through strong arguments with each other, but they work it out amicably. 

“Derek is the love of my life, but you’re my soulmate,” Meredith told Cristina in the first episode of season 7. 

The twisted sisters are the one genuine relationship that Cristina has on the show that is thriving and strong throughout her time at the hospital. Current episodes of Grey’s Anatomy still include Cristina via text message and phone calls with Meredith. You can watch for more Cristina references when the show returns on Jan. 23, 2020.