Did Drake Finally Address the Controversy Over His Friendships With Millie Bobby Brown and Billie Eilish?

Drake is an actor and rapper who first rose to prominence for his role on Degrassi. Nowadays, he is also known for releasing hit singles like “Hotline Bling,” “One Dance,” “God’s Plan,” and “Nonstop.”

Because of his popularity, Drake’s personal life has attracted much scrutiny as well. For example, he often gets criticized for being close to some teenage stars. Most notably, Millie Bobby Brown and Billie Eilish.

Drake has been quiet about this issue, but it seems like he recently decided to address the drama surrounding his controversial friendship.

Drake is reportedly friendly with Millie Bobby Brown and Billie Eilish

Brown and Eilish have both shared that they have been in contact with Drake.

Brown reportedly met Drake in 2017, and a year later, she revealed that she and Drake are quite close, saying: “I love him. I met him in Australia and he’s honestly a great friend and a great role model. You know we text. We just texted each other the other day and he was like ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like ‘I miss you more.’ He’s great.”

Meanwhile, Eilish also raved about Drake recently, sharing that she and Drake text each other as well, though they have never met before.

“Drake is, like, the nicest dude I’ve ever spoken to,” Eilish said. “I mean, I’ve only, like, texted him, but he’s so nice. Like, he does not need to be nice, you know what I mean? He’s at a level of his life where he doesn’t need to be nice, but he is. “

People have been criticizing Drake for being close with teenage girls

Drake | Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET

Although neither Brown nor Eilish have implied that their relationship with Drake is romantic, many onlookers are concerned about Drake’s intentions and do not believe that the rapper should be texting teenage girls. He has even been labeled as “creepy.”

One netizen said: “It’s definitely possible he’s just being a role model and it has to do with marketing but why’s a 32 year old man texting girls under the age of 17?”

Another person also commented: “If you read what Millie Bobby Brown and Billie Eilish say about Drake texting them and strip away the context of fame, he just sounds like a creepy older dude telling underage girls how much he cares for them. He just gets a pass because he’s famous.”

However, both Brown and Eilish have defended Drake against the critics.

Drake might have addressed this issue in his new song

Drake recently released a new song called “When to Say,” and fans believe that he seems to be addressing his controversial friendships. In the track, Drake talks about his life and career, though there is one line that has been catching people’s attention.

The line in question is: “Michael Jackson sh*t, but the palace is not for kids / Still women sayin’ it’s childish the way we live.”

Many fans believe that Drake is referencing the late Michael Jackson and his famous property, Neverland Ranch. The place was a theme park that became the subject of scrutiny when Jackson was accused of sexually abusing children in 2003. Jackson was ultimately acquitted of all charges in 2005.

Fans who are reading into the lyrics think that Drake is addressing the critics who are calling him “creepy” for being close with Brown and Eilish. In essence, these words seem to be Drake’s way of denying any wrongdoings and saying that his house is not a place for kids.

Drake has not commented on these interpretations of his lyrics.