Did Evan Dando from The Lemonheads Appear on ‘The Goldbergs?’

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Your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you during last night’s episode of The Goldbergs. That was indeed, iconic rock legend Evan Dando from The Lemonheads trying out (and not making) Erica’s band The Dropouts.

Lemonheads fans were in for a real treat during the 80s-inspired show as Dando made a rare guest appearance. But the show went far deeper than just featuring a quick cameo of Dando. Creator and executive producer Adam F. Goldberg used the episode to provide fans with a true story about how he knew Dando “back in the day.”

Dando’s appearance was pure luck and coincidence. He recently dropped new album Varshons II, and was in Los Angeles promoting it. “He popped in, we gave him some lines and he crushed it,” Goldberg told Billboard. “I love that the real Evan Dando is in the same scene as the actor we cast to play him.”

Dando’s cameo was amazing

Goldberg cleverly made real-life Dando into “some guy” trying out for sister Erica’s band The Dropouts. The band was down a member after Barry’s ex-girlfriend Lainey dropped out. So, Erica’s boyfriend Geoff desperately scrambles to find some potential replacements.

Dando plays the guy who “stands outside the Wawa and buys beer for high school kids.” He even clarifies his position at Wawa by saying, “Five for you, one for me,” Dando says. “I can play lead or rhythm. Just as long as there’s a couch for me to crash on.”

Goldberg has a connection to Dando

If the episode seemed like Goldberg knew Dando “back when,” he actually did. Goldberg told Billboard Dando is his best friend’s cousin. His best friend, Chad Kremp, grew up across the street from Goldberg in Jenkintown, Philadelphia.

“The entire Kremp family often appears on the show both in real life and as characters,” Goldberg said. “They are like my second family. It was always crazy that Chad’s first cousin was a rock star which began in the late 80s. I have memories of watching Evan play at weddings or family gatherings, and for a kid like me from a tiny town, it was just mind-blowing.”

He also sprinkles endless Lemonheads hints in the episode

Goldberg cleverly dropped plenty of Dando and Lemonhead goodies throughout the episode. In addition to giving the young character who joins Erica’s band the name “Evan Dando,” the young man resembles a youthful Dando too. He is also from Boston, like Dando. Plus he works for the Kremp family and is munching on the candy, Lemonheads.

Another side hint is the reference to Martha’s Vineyard, which is where Dando resides. When character “Evan” tries out for The Dropouts he even sings Lemonheads song, Mallow Cup.

The episode ends with the kids seeing character Evan’s new band, the Lemonheads live in concert. “I followed Evan’s career through the 90s and went to many Lemonheads concerts in NYC,” Goldberg said. “Since he was my best friend’s family, he always felt like my family in a weird way. Since The Goldbergs is a show about my childhood, naturally I wanted to bring Evan into it because he was there (with us in the 80s).”

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